2 Charities to Support Animals

2 Charities to Support Animals

Welcome t0 the last post in a series of 3 posts. In this series I tell you which charities I support and why. I divide my donations to charities into 3 categories. Two week ago I wrote about the 7 charities I support to support nature and last week I told you which 7 charities I donate to which support people. Today it’s time for the last category. In this post I’ll tell you about the 2 charities I donate to which support animals.

3 Categories

All my donations are divided into 3 main groups. I want to help nature, people and animals. Within these 3 categories I have set different goals in order te help any of these 3 groups. If you’ve read the other two posts you saw that I have set 3 goals to help nature and 5 goals to help people. Today is about the animals. And for them I have only one goal: end animal suffering.

Indirect and direct

Even though I am writing about charities which support animals today, I am already indirectly helping animals with the other charities I support. I’ll explain. I support animals already because I donate to charities which support nature. That’s because, in order to help nature, we should conserve nature globally and switch to a plant-based diet. Both help animal indirectly too, because they won’t be eaten anymore and have enough room and nature to thrive.

I believe these goals are really the core things that we can do for animals. The main suffering of animals comes from us eating domesticated animals and destroying the habitat of wild animals. In the post about the 7 charities I support to help nature I have explained more about that.

symptom control

The 2 charities to support animals I listed in this post are direct ways to help animals, but as I said, not the most important. These are things we can look at when we’ve gone vegan since they’re basically symptom control. These things are a patch for the bleeding until we acknowledge animal rights. If we’d all be vegan we would not need to support these charities anymore, because they would not be necessary anymore. But since we’re not there yet and I’ve done everything else that I can personally can do I choose to support them.

end animal suffering

1 Dolphin Project

2 Animal Sanctuary Lamana

2 Charities to Support Animals

For animals I choose to support 2 charities. That’s because there were two categories that I could think of (besides the charities that promote a plant-based diet and preserve nature), namely ending animal entertainment and supporting sanctuaries. Dolphin Project is a charity which helps dolphins, specifically dolphins used in the entertainment industry. They educated people on why marine parks are horrible and actually offer sanctuary to dolphins which are saved from marine parks but cannot go back to the wild. Lamana is one of the many sanctuaries which I know about which offer retirement to sick, handicapped or abandoned animals. They can retire in that sanctuary.

Other great options are De Dierenbescherming, Stichting AAP, Stichting Dierenlot, Stichting Viervoeters, WakkerDier, Dier&Recht, Varkens in Nood in The Netherlands or a local animal ambulance. Sanctuaries are great options too. Soon I’ll make a list of all sanctuaries worldwide.

Sum up

Okay, I realize that it can be a blur right now, so I want to sum it up one more time. The best things you can do for animals is:

1 Switch to a plant-based diet and support charities which promote a plant-based diet (see this post for elaboration).

2 Donate to charities which preserve and expand wild nature (see this post for elaboration).

3 Support any charity which help animals in other way, like sanctuaries. This is the last thing to do since these are only symptoms of our attitude towards animals. If we’re all vegan we would acknowledge animal rights and sanctuaries or charities like the Dolphin projects would not be necessary anymore. This symptom control is what this post you’re reading right now is about.

That’s it! With this third post I’ve completed the list of all charities which I personally donate to, being 16 in total. What did you think of these last 2 charities to support animals?

Yours sincerely,

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