The 365-challenge: picking up trash every day

I hope that on this blog it’s become obvious that I try to live a (plastic) waste free life and hope to inspire others too. Changing my own habits makes me happy, but somehow it isn’t always enough. I try to clean up trash from others too, in a challenge I’m calling the 365-challenge! 

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5 plastic-free ways to wash your hair

Shampoo. Some people use it daily, others once a week and some don’t use it at all (yes, really!). Most people buy shampoo in plastic bottles. So, for those people the following rule applies: the more you wash your hair, the more plastic waste. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. Washing your hair can be done with zero waste!

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Lunching zero waste with a lunch box

You might have read this in the ‘about me‘ section: I’m a student. And as a student, I usually go to school five days of the week. That’s a huge chunk of my time and so I have to eat at school too, just like any other student. We have a fairly okay kanteen at our school and a supermarket nearby, but most of that food is packaged (in plastic). That’s why I’ve been bringing my own lunch box to school since the first day I went there (my mom taught me this zero waste habit), along with my reusable water bottle. Old-fashion? Maybe. But it is zero waste!

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Recipe for DIY zero waste ketchup

This week a blogpost in a new category: Recipes! As you can see above, I have made some ketchup the past week. Ketchup is something I have never been able to find without packaging. It is however something I like to eat very much and so I had one option left: putting on my cook’s cap, wearing my apron, grabbing the utensils and start cooking!

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