A great organization: Greenpeace

Today I want to share more about Greenpeace. That’s because I just signed up for another activity of them which is just right for me. A big clean-up in Gouda the 4th of March! This is only my second activity with Greenpeace, but I want to share more about Greenpeace already. My view of them has always been good, even after seeing Cowspiracy where they didn’t show up in a good way. They do intend to save our planet! In June 2016 I discovered again some new information and I signed up as a volunteer. I was hooked!

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Book about longevity: The Blue Zones

Longevity fascinates me. Why do some people live 70 years? And why do others live 110 years? Some people die extremely fit still and some die in pain. How does this work? This is not a post in which I am going to tell you how you’ll live 110 years, because well, I simply can’t. But! I am going to tell you that there are ways to make sure you age in a healthy way, feeling fit. That’s what I thrive for myself (at 18 years old haha). The past few weeks I read: The Blue Zones by Dann Buettner.

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Documentary series about consumerism: De Prijsvechter

This week a must watch from VPRO. VPRO is a Dutch platform and so, this series is in Dutch. The Prijsvechter (‘the pricefighter’) is about consumerism. The fact that we buy so much stuff for so little money. And at what as expense? We live in a consumeristic society today and that’s taking it’s toll.

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How to avoid disposable (plastic) cups

No cup of tea, but a cup of party! This post is about parties. And I love parties! Parties with friends, music, drinks, snacks and a lot of fun. But! Yes, there is a but unfortunately. Some parties don’t fit into a zero waste lifestyle per se. That’s because of the horrible disposable cups that are used. Today I want to tell you how I avoid them!

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