Experiences over stuff

When you create a WordPress account, they ask you to write a little bit about yourself. One of the things I wrote about myself is that I am a wannabe minimalist. Yes, an even more sustainable lifestyle! Because minimalism can be sustainable. Life without trash, on my way to vegananism, more volunteering, working on my carbon footprint and minimalism. Yes, I’ve changed a lot since I started this blog. For me it all feels like personal progress. In my head most has changed, my mindset is different. And mindset is the thing I want to talk about today. Valuing experiences over stuff.

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Hotspot: Budapest

A while ago I mentioned in one of my weekly diaries that I wanted to start a new category on this blog. Today I am actually doing that! This is the new category: hotspots. I want to share the sustainable hotspots with you from everywhere I’ve been. Or just the other non-sustainable hotspots I’ve been to as well, to tell you about it (since I can’t always go to sustainable places only). I’m planning on sharing only the positive/sustainable hotspots. The things I don’t like won’t be included. This way you can read these posts and know where to go. So I present to you today: the first hotspot: Budapest!

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Documentary about fast fashion: The True Cost

The past I bought a new sweater. At least, it was new to me, because I bought it at a secondhand shop. I’ve had a love for secondhand clothing for most of my life. My mom took me with her to thrift shops and to secondhand fairs too. It is a bit of a search, but when you find something it’s often unique. The love for secondhand clothing that I got from my mom was enough reason for me to buy secondhand, but when I saw the documentary The True Cost another 100 reasons were added.

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Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin

I know this blog has been about sustainability and so far most mostly about a zero waste lifestyle. That’s why I also started the weekly diaries, to show what my journey towards sustainability looks like. But, sustainability isn’t the only thing that interests me. And the past weeks I read a book I found so interesting that I am sharing it today. I talking about Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin.

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