Weekly diary #19; I went to Mr. en Mrs. Watson

Hiiii, I’m back again with a new weekly diary! The past week I bought more products from the Vegetarian Butcher, did some crafting and visited Mr. en Mrs. Watson, a plant-based food bar!

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Zero Waste Dry Shampoo

Today I want to share a recipe with you. But not a recipe for in the kitchen. Good for me! Because to be honest, I’m not such a big talent in the kitchen just yet. I barely ever cook. That has to change, but that’s for another time. Today I have a recipe for you for in your hair! I’m talking about: dry shampoo.

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Weekly diary #18: I was on a holiday

Hi there! Welcome back into my personal weekly diary. You have probably (and hopefully haha) missed it last week. I was on a holiday for 10 days, to Fuerteventura. More than an entire week under the sun at the beach. But! I am back today with a new weekly diary for you. The week I was partly still on that holiday, started school again and threw some stuff ‘away’.

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Must Read: Het Hedendaagse Heldenboek (Dutch)

With this blog I keep telling you over and over: individuals have a massive impact on our planet. And therefore, every single person can have positive impact, every single day. Up until this point the focus of this blog has been about sustainable changes to cross out the negative impact on the planet. But there are other ways to make positive impact. This book gives you the tools to do it: Het Hedendaagse Heldenboek (The Herobook of Today).

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Must watch documentary about climate change: 2Doc, De Klimaatontkenners (Dutch)

Climate change, I know what it is. I hope you do too. For me it is one of the most critical subjects. I find it interesting and horrifying at the same time. Climate Change has been proved as real, it is therefore a fact. However, there are still people denying its existence. Crazy, I know. Gideon Levy decided to make a documentary about the such people. It’s called De Klimaatontkenners (the climate-deniers).

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Weekly diary #17; you can follow me on Twitter now

Hi, great that you’re here! The past week I made a Twitter account, made use of the ‘Doe maar lekker duurzaam!’ (‘Do it sustainable!’) action from the Albert Heijn and I had a lof new inspiration after a TEDx livestream.

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Must watch about veganism: Vegucated (and 5 tips from me)

My past week has evolved around one thing: eating vegan. Right now I’m in the transitioning period from vegetarian to vegan and so I’m learning a lot. I call myself a proud vegan already! A while ago I saw a documentary about this subject and the transitioning period and so today I want to share it. I’m talking about: Vegucated.

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Weekly diary #16; I’ve gone vegan

Hi! After the way too late weekly diary last week, I am right on time this week with a new one. The past week I sold some stuff one Marktplaats (the Dutch e-bay), I discovered a great Youtube-account and I finally went fully vegan!

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