Documentary about waste: Bag It (and 4 tips from me)

The last few months I’ve been posting a lot about veganism. I’ve gone vegan a while back and so I’ve also been learning a lot at the same time. That’s why I share a lot too. But this blog is not only about veganism and it started at first with a zero waste lifestyle. And about that last subject I haven’t shared much lately. And so today I am sharing the first documentary I watched about waste: Bag It.

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Weekly diary #22: shopping in Utrecht

Hi, lovely that you’re here! Christmas is coming up and the past week I went shopping in Utrecht, went to the 3FM Serious Request house and I accidentally ate meat, jikes! Want to read along?

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Documentary about veganism: Blackfish

It’s time for another documentary. A documentary of which I thought: ‘I have to share this, people have to know about this!’. And then I forgot because I have so much I want to write about. But a while back something happened which brought me tears and then I gave this post priority. And so it’s finally here: a must watch post about Blackfish.

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Weekly diary #21: a volunteer meeting from GreenLeft

Hi there, welcome back to this weekly report about my life. The past week I unfortunately missed the VeggieWorld Winter Fair, registered at the chamber of commerce and I went to a volunteering meeting from GreenLeft. Wat to read along?

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Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore

Today I’m sharing a book about cosmetics with you. Huh, what? Yes, I am. I tell you all the time how we don’t need most of these cosmetics (at least, I don’t). But this is different. This book is about rĂ©al skincare and I’m very excited about it. And it also aligns with this philosophy of mine: less is more. I read Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore.

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Weekly diary #20; I celebrated ‘Sinterklaas’

Hi! Welcome to my 20th weekly diary already! Time flies and I hope you still enjoy reading these diaries. The past week I recycled some things, celebrated Sinterklaas and watched 4 World Championship handball matches. Want to read along?

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What you should know and can do about animal testing

This week I’m talking about a new subject concerning veganism. I’ve never talked about it before, but since I’m vegan now I really feel the need to. I first focussed on turning my diet vegan since that’s the most important at first. Today I want to talk about another part of veganism: animal testing. Don’t worry, I am not going to include horrible pictures, but I do want to inform you about these horrific tests.

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