Documentary about veganism: Earthlings

A while back I saw an interesting article coming by. In a newspaper (in De Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper) I saw an article about a slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse had made a part of their proces transparant. They had literally made glass walls around a part of the ‘assembly line’ so that people passing the slaughter house could see the dead animals passing by after slaughter (which isn’t even the most disturbing part of the slaughter). The responses were intense, people were shocked and demanded that they made the walls non-see-through again. This made me think of a documentary I’ve seen which also makes the slaughter proces transparant: Earthlings.

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Weekly diary #40: in one day to Zipper, Marbles Vintage, Vegabond and Delicious Food in Amsterdam!

Hi! Welcome to already my 40th weekly diary! Time flies when you’re having fun. In this weekly diary I share my personal journey towards an eco-positive lifestyle. I hope it can help you in some way. The past week my holiday started, I went to het Rutbeek in Enschede and to Amsterdam! Want to read along?

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3 organizations to follow

If you follow me and this blog I assume that’s because you think sustainability and living with a positive impact is important or interesting. Or maybe you’re here because you’re interested in my personal life, who knows. However, I assume you’re here for those first things, sustainability and living with a positive impact. To learn more about those subjects, I’d like to share 3 organizations today that everybody should follow, whether you already live sustainable or not. To know what’s going on on the world and have good sources of information.

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Weekly diary #39: a visit at FC Twente

Hi! Welcome to this new weekly diary on my blog. I share these weekly diary to share my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. I hope to inspire you and share tips and tricks. The past week I spend the weekend in Harderwijk, went to a soccer game from my local soccer club FC Twente and my holiday started. Want to read along?

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Weekly diary #38: I bought all zero waste groceries

Hi! Great that you’re here again. It has been a lovely, sunny week. The past week I bought ‘new’ secondhand shoes, was denied for a plasma donation and bought some groceries all zero waste. Want to read along?

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8 reasons to ditch (especially single-use) plastic

I think you know this by know. I am not a fan of plastic (or waste at all). On this blog you can read a lot about how I try to avoid plastic (and other waste too) in all sorts of ways. But I never really explained why I do this in the first place. So here it is: 8 reasons to ditch (especially single-use) plastic!

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Weekly diary #37: I celebrated Easter

Hi, great that you’re here again. I am sharing my past week with you in this weekly diary. The past week I went trash picking, ditched class and celebrated Easter! Want to read along?

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Documentary about climate change: Racing Extinction

Today I am sharing a documentary with you again. I’ve waited way too long with sharing it, I saw this documentary in 2015 already. I love documentaries but I have to say this is a tough one again. It might make climate change seem overwhelming, like we have no power as individuals. But that’s not true and I don’t want you to feel like that. I chose to share it because we need to see the urgency of climate change, now. It is tough to see, but it’s necessary. If you have not seen this documentary, you should definitely watch it. The documentary about a horrendous effect of climate change: Racing Extinction.

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