Weekoverzicht #49: Veganistische sushi in mijn eigen bakje opgehaald!

Hoihoi, welkom bij weer een nieuw weekoverzicht van moi! In deze weekoverzicht wil ik jullie laten zien hoe ik zo groen mogelijk leef. Leven zonder afval, tweedehands fashion en veganisme zijn onder andere dingen die aan bod komen. De afgelopen week zat ik helemaal alleen in een bioscoopzaal, fietste ik als oude ziel over de Veluwe en haalde ik sushi in mijn eigen bakje! Lees je mee? Continue reading “Weekoverzicht #49: Veganistische sushi in mijn eigen bakje opgehaald!”

Kijk- en luistertip: Minimalism

Als je mijn weekoverzichten een beetje volgt of me persoonlijk goed kent, dat weet je dat ik zo min mogelijk spullen probeer te bezitten. En als ik dan terugkijk naar zo’n 2 à 3 jaar geleden, dan is die mindset echt totaal anders. Toen was ik echt een hoarder, meer was beter. Vooral als spullen goedkoop waren, dan dacht ik snel dat ik ze nodig hadden. Ik herinner me zelfs een moment waarop ik in de HEMA liep en slechts 1 ding nodig had. Dat vond ik raar en ik haalde er nog twee dingen bij die ik niet nodig had, zo ver ging het. Zoals ik al zei, nu is dat anders. Ik zou mezelf wel als minimalist omschrijven, al ben ik nog lang niet waar ik wil zijn. De mindset is er wel! Er zijn twee personen die me deels de ogen hebben geopend, Joshua & Ryan, ofwel The Minimalists.

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Weekly diary #48: a bit of a sh*t week

Hi! Here I am today with another weekly diary. In these weekly diaries I want to show you how much fun and rewarding it is to live a sustainable lifestyle with positive impact! The title however already says it, it’s been a bit of a sh*t week. Eventually it got better and I did a lot of fun things. I celebrated father’s day, my boyfriend handed in his thesis and I had a fun appointment for my webshop Loose! Want to read along?

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The Hidden Impact by Babette Porcelijn

The past week I’ve read a book that has been on my list for a long time. I still remember the day it was launched. My social media blew up (I follow a lot of people who are concerned with the environment) and I saw the writer on television around that time too. I wanted to read this book so bad. This is the book that’s the basis of an eco-positive lifestyle, every person should read this! I’m talking about the book: The Hidden Impact by Babette Porcelijn.

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Weekly diary #47: another delivery by my webshop Loose!

Hi there, welcome back into another weekly diary in which I try to share my transition to a sustainable lifestyle with positive impact. The past week my boyfriend celebrated his birthday, I thought of making my own meat-replacements and delivered another delivery for my webshop Loose! Want to read along?

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7 reasons why we should ditch biodegradable plastics

This blogpost has been coming for a while now. In my daily life I am confronted with plastic all the time even though I try to avoid it. In stores, restaurant and on the market to name a few examples. Usually people respond in a positive way when I manage to avoid plastic, they think it’s a noble goal. However, sometimes I get a different response. Not a negative one. Just, different. Like the other day when I sat at Bagels & Beans and I asked for a smoothie without a straw. The waitress said: Don’t worry, they’re biodegradable! Nice try, but I still refused the straw. I am not a fan of biodegradable plastics at all. Today I’ll tell you why.

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Weekly diary #46: using plastic voluntarily?

Hi there, great that you’re here again! My last weekly diary was mostly about personal stuff. But this week it’s full with especially zero waste experiences. The past week I harvested for the first time from my vegetable garden, bought a lot of zero waste bread and was honest about the plastic that I do use voluntarily! Want to read along?

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The Most Sustainable Phone: The Fairphone

Yes people, the day has come. *Drums roll*. I have bought a new phone! New? Yes, entirely new. This is something that I almost never do since it’s not the most sustainable, zero waste or minimalistic option. Then why did I buy this new phone? That’s what I’ll be telling you today. Why did I buy a Fairphone?

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