Fair fashion: I bought new underwear!

‘But what do you do when you need new underwear?’. This question I get asked a lot when I tell people I only buy second hand clothes. So far, I had always answered with: ‘I don’t know, actually’, because since I started really commiting to only buying second hand, I had always had enough underwear still. But, now the time came when I needed a new set and I started making choices. I never thought I would be showing my underwear on the internet, but today I am! Continue reading “Fair fashion: I bought new underwear!”

Weekly diary #63: are flowers a zero waste gift?

Hi there! Welcome into my weekly diary in which I want to show you how I try to live an eco-positive life! Great new on the trash-subject this week! I picked a bag full of trash myself and the European Parliament approved a proposal to ban single use plastic! Wanna read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #63: are flowers a zero waste gift?”

Making my own business cards

I think you’ve noticed by now: I am an entrepreneur! Wow. That sounds so fancy. And it is! I have started my own webshop for package free groceries in Enschede: Loose, to do something about our big problem with waste. It has been fun, exiting and scary at the same time. Currently I am working on promoting Loose some more, because it’s necessary to get more customers. One of the things I now do: hand out business cards! I’ve made them myself and in this blogpost I’ll show you how.  Continue reading “Making my own business cards”

Weekly diary #62: I was interviewed again!

Hi there! Last week was exiting! I did have an positive impact by an interview and some volunteering! That’s what this blog is about, an eco-positive lifestyle. Leaving behind a more positive impact than negative. Do you want to read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #62: I was interviewed again!”

Must read: This a Good Guide

Sometimes, I get the question on where to start. Where to start a sustainable lifestyle, and how to. If you don’t live sustainable, there are many paths to walk. And what is sustainable? I like to translate it as within the earth’s capacity, since you can measure that. I understand that it can get overwhelming, because there are so many ways to start. Luckily, there are people who develop guides, or paths as you may call them. One of them is Marieke Eyskoot. She wrote: This is a good guide, for a sustainable lifestyle. And so there it is, a book which makes you understand where to start. Continue reading “Must read: This a Good Guide”

Weekly diary #61: I was on a local market with Loose for the first time!

Hi there! Welcome back into my weekly diary, in which I want to show you that living an eco-positive life is fun! This week is not so much about zero waste, but more about appreciation of others. The past week I have learned a lot by podcasts, especially in one about diversity and racism. Do you want to read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #61: I was on a local market with Loose for the first time!”

Must watch: series: Sweatshop

In my opinion, it isn’t fair that we don’t see the story behind every single thing we buy. Because, everything we buy has an impact. That impact can be low (which I prefer of course), and it can be extremely high. It can be horrific to see, but also beautiful. Today I want to talk about a product of which we don’t see the impact. It’s fast fashion. Because there is a way to see what’s behind your clothes most of the time, in a series called Sweatshop. Continue reading “Must watch: series: Sweatshop”

Weekly diary #60: a week with way too many plastic fails

Hi there! Great that you’re reading this again. In this series I want to show you that living an eco-postive lifestyle, leaving the planet better behind than as it was when I came here, is fun and really not that hard! But, this past week I had some zero waste fails, but also a lot of wins of course! Do you want to read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #60: a week with way too many plastic fails”

Must watch: Gasland part I and II

It’s time for a new must watch! Two, actually, since the makers decided to make a part II. These documentary tells us things about something we all use, energy. Energy is something all of us need. The difference is in the way that energy is produced. Fossil fuels or renewable energy? The documentary Gasland tells you a lot about fossils fuels.  Continue reading “Must watch: Gasland part I and II”