Weekly diary #66: a black weekend due to Black Friday

Hi there! Welcome back to my weekly diary, in which I want to show you how I live with as little negative impact as possible and as big a positive impact as possible! Eco-postive living, what does it look like and what do I do? The past week I sold something instead of throwing it away, I picked up some ‘trash’ and worked at the Food Bank. Want to read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #66: a black weekend due to Black Friday”

I’ve adopted some plants!

Over the years, my mindset has changed. I have become a minimalist. I like to own less and care less about stuff. I feel like I am on that point already. But however, I bought some things for in my room! I bought some plants! Today I want to tell you why, and how. Continue reading “I’ve adopted some plants!”

Weekly diary #65: Back in The Netherlands

Soooo, I’m back! Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe not. I haven’t posted a weekly diary the past two weeks. I’ve been on a holiday to Tenerife. You can read about me flying and my feeling about that in this blogpost. I’m back in The Netherlands now! Ready for what’s this week brings me! Continue reading “Weekly diary #65: Back in The Netherlands”

Circular Economy: The Book Library

Today I want to share something about lending with you. About lending books! If you’re a reader (like me) this is almost a must when it comes to trying to living sustainable. Lending is the new buying! And it should be, because it is has many benefits! Not only for the environment, but for yourself too. I have a card at the local library and I want to tell you why.

Continue reading “Circular Economy: The Book Library”

I went flying for the very last time

Yes, you’re reading that title all right. I went flying, on a plane. Since I figured this’ll come across as very weird, why Romee?!, since it is far from sustainable, I want to dedicate a full blogpost to it today. I preach it all the time: flying is bad for the environment. I even wrote a full blogpost about it a long time ago. And now, I took two flights, one from Amsterdam to Tenerife and one back. Why the heck did I do this? Should I not practice what I preach? Continue reading “I went flying for the very last time”

Another secondhand piece I bought: A swimsuit

Today I want to show you a ‘new’ secondhand piece I got my hands on. Since I think some people have a wrong view of secondhand clothing, I want to show every piece I buy myself, to give an image of secondhand clothing. Because, sometimes I hear the reasons why people like buying only new: they think secondhand clothing looks bad and old. I think I can proof that’s not true.

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Weekly diary #64: lending a ton of library books

Hi there! Welcome back into my weekly diary in which I want to show you how I try to live an eco-positive impact. The past week I’ve changed my diet a bit, volunteered at the Food Bank and got my thesis company approved! Do you want to read along? Continue reading “Weekly diary #64: lending a ton of library books”