Going vegan vs. stop traveling

Today I want to make a statement. Something that really goes for me and my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. In general, I’d say living an eco-positive lifestyle is not hard (maybe I can’t say that just yet, since I am not there yet, but I am doing it anyway). However, there are some aspects which I find way easier than others. And so today I want to state: going vegan is way easier than to stop traveling.

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Book about a sustainable lifestyle: Let’s Go Green

There are a few books that tell you a lot about a sustainable lifestyle. I’ve already shared the one I think is most important, you can read more about that book here. Yet, today I want to share another book which is just alike it, just a little bit less concrete but very broad. A book that covers a lot of subjects and gives a ton of information: Let’s Go Green by Sustainable Susan.

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My personal bucket list

It’s 80% sure that my life is taking a different turn the coming months. I’ve explained that in this post two weeks ago. I will not persue a master’s degree in Environment and Resource Management this year, instead I’ll probably move across to country with my boyfriend. Everything is uncertain right now. This makes me reflect and evaluate again on what I want in life. Today I want to share a small part of that: my bucket list.

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Book about longevity: Veroudering Vertragen (Dutch)

Yes, another book about longevity! I love books about longevity! And I also keep sharing them, because I really hope people around me will read them too. Not that I am perfect and others are not. It’s just that I see harmful behaviour around me and I think not everybody is aware of these mistakes. Longevity relates to happiness! And happiness is a part of an eco-positive lifestyle. And so today I am sharing a book about longevity: Veroudering Vertragen by Kris Verburgh. I am sorry for all the non-dutch people reading this post, this is unfortunately a Dutch book which wasn’t translated.

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Am I having a mid-life crisis?

A mid-life crisis. Or maybe I should call it a fifth-life crisis, since I’m 21 and hopefully not nearly halfway. Yet, I guess I am feeling what’s called just that, but in another phase of life. Currently, I am struggling to find a way. A way of life. Which way to go, which turn to take?

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