3 Organizations to Follow

3 Organizations to Follow

If you follow me and this blog I assume that’s because you think sustainability and living with a positive impact is important or interesting. Or maybe you’re here because you’re interested in my personal life, who knows. However, I assume you’re here for those first things, sustainability and living with a positive impact. To learn more about those subjects, I’d like to share 3 organizations today that everybody should follow, whether you already live sustainable or not. To know what’s going on on the world and have good sources of information. Here are 3 organizations to follow.

Sources of Information

The following organizations I personally see as important sources of information. These organizations share about subjects I find interesting and important, but I hope you think so too. I personally base my opinions on multiple sources of information, not just one. And so I follow more organizations than that I’ve listed here today, but I wanted to share the three most important ones today. Non-profits organizations have my strong preference because these don’t chase money, they serve a higher goal. I think they share all the news, not just the good or just bad. I wouldn’t call myself suspicious, but curious.

Anyway, I won’t keep you waiting much longer. Here are the three organizations of which I think that everybody should follow them:

1 Greenpeace

You know Greenpeace, everybody knows Greenpeace. But from what I hear, many people know Greenpeace as whale-saving hippies. However, Greenpeace is so much more than that. They’re an amazing volunteering organization for saving the planet (they offer great platforms for it) but they’re also an organization which addresses important environmental problems. They do campaigns and if you follow them you know much about the biggest environmental issues of today. But that doesn’t mean they skip small issues. These are also discussed, in their newsletters. They don’t just share the bad stuff, also the good. The small successes which are accomplished, I find it amazing to hear about that. They share things about climate, the earth and all living beings on it.

2 Amnesty International

I would want to say the same thing here too: everybody knows Amnesty. But, I don’t think that’s the case. When I recently received an e-mail from them in class, a classmate next to me had no idea what it was. Such a shame. I think it’s extremely important to follow Amnesty International. Amnesty is active in the field of human rights. They take action for human rights all around the globe. They’re especially active in countries who aren’t very democratic. And by following them you learn a lot about human rights in all countries of the world. Countries where journalists are sent to jail for sharing the truth or where the lqbtq+ community is discriminated for example. And they also offer ways to take action yourself too (by writing letters for example), but of course all these organizations in this list do.

3 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

And last but certainly not least, the organization I think most vegans already follow, PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The name says enough. PETA wants animals rights. A decent life for all animals in which they are treated ethically. The website of PETA is an amazing source of information on the different animals products and why we should not use them. Wool, meat, cheese, etc. You can find it all just right there. If someone asks you: ‘why don’t you consume eggs?’ you can explain it yourself but you can also refer them to PETA.

But besides all the information PETA also sets up campaigns and petitions. This makes you aware of all problems concerning animals around the globe. I do think they ask too much for money, I have to admit that. I’m already a donor, but they ask for money with every campaign still. It’s necessary, I get that, but it can be annoying sometimes too. The images and footage they share are also very confronting, so be aware. It’s upsetting, but it’s the truth. And therefore I think it’s necessary.

Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.’ – PETA

Well on Your Way

All in all, I think these three organizations offer a good starting point. It’s a varied mix. You learn about issues concerning the environment, human rights and animals. To me these three things are most important. I would like to recommend more organizations to you in the future, but I think this is enough for today.

Did you know about these 3 organizations to follow? And what do you think of them?

Yours sincerely,

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