3 Secondhand Clothing Items I Bought

Hi everyone! I know, it’s the midst of a pandemic and maybe not the best time to buy clothing, but I couldn’t resist. I bought 3 pieces of clothing and I’m loving them, I couldn’t wait to share. Of course I did buy secondhand, like I do in 99% of my purchases. Every once in a while I share my purchases to show you that a secondhand wardrobe is sustainable, but also fun and stylish! Here’s what I bought the last couple of months.


The last time I shared clothing purchases on here it was in November of 2020 and so I didn’t go long without buying anything. I try to buy the least possible amount of clothes but I had been thinking about these items for a while. When I saw them on Vinted, a fantastic app for buying and selling secondhand clothing, I knew I wanted them. But like I always advice you too, I did wait. I put them on my favorites list and waited to see if I really wanted them. And well, here we are. I did really want these items. Anyhow, secondhand clothing is (besides the clothes you don’t buy) the most sustainable way to buy clothes. And so, I never feel bad about secondhand purchases.


It’s extremely busy for the people working for companies like DHL during this pandemic. People can’t shop in real life and so they buy online. The holidays were the highest peak and so that’s the period I try to avoid buying anything at all and so I waited till after. Even though it’s still busy because of the pandemic I did choose to buy them in January. I don’t know how long this COVID-19 pandemic is going to last and I thought: if I just buy very few items that’ll be okay. Right now, it’s just not okay to order whatever you like and also send all kinds of things back (which is not environmentally friendly either). I just try to take it in consideration because these people work their butt off for us. We shouldn’t pressure them too much.

Enough about the proces, onto the purchases! What did I buy?

Item 1: Purple Cotton Blouse

This blouse. The fabric and the color, I love it. I had seen in it in the showcase of the store Monki when I walked through the city center of Groningen. I fell in love right away. But as you know, I don’t buy new clothes. Especially not from fast fashion brands like Monki. However, I do buy secondhand clothing. And so, I looked on Vinted if someone was selling the Monki blouse on there. At first it wasn’t there. But after a while someone uploaded the blouse in exactly my size. As I said, I put it on my favorites list and waited a few weeks. I decided to buy it after that period! I’ve been happy with it ever since. The blouse is (I think, the label is gone) made out of cotton and it very comfy. It is oversized and so I could do anything in it. Sleep, run, work, whatever. I love the color! That’s the main reason I bought it. I want to bring more color into my wardrobe and with this blouse it is actually working out. The blouse cost me 22,70 euros including sending.

Item 2: Purple Cotton Pants

Haha, I wasn’t done yet! I wanted to buy the blouse as a set, with a purple pants too. I had been envisioning it, me in a purple suit! I loved the idea and so along with the blouse I also bought this pants on Vinted. Same brand, same fabrics and same color. At least, that’s what I thought. Once both the items arrived (I had bought them separately from different people) I saw that I was wrong. The color was not the same, the pants is darker purple than the blouse. I was a little bummed at first because it was not what I envisioned. However, I put the items on together and I loved it! I think I like this combination even better, the dark and light purple together. I wore the set something like 5 days in a row haha (with a different t-shirt under it every couple of days, I don’t like to stink haha)! The pants is just as comfy as the blouse and the set makes a great combination for winter. It is nicely warm and fabulous! The pants cost me 17,15 euros including sending.

Item 3: Big Golden Earrings

When I was younger, around the age of 11/12, I loved to wear big hoops! Back then silver was my thing, but over the years I have become a bigger fan of gold. I just like the color better, I also think it suits my hair and skin-tone better. Silver makes me look pale. Anyhow, I don’t have a lot of earrings left. I got rid of most fake earrings I bought in the days were I still went to Primark because I can’t stand fake materials. Before this purchase, I basically had 2 pairs I love to wear. However, none of these were hoops. And since I still love big hoops, I decided to buy them secondhand! I didn’t buy these on Vinted, like the other two items. I bought them on Markplaats, another very well-known platform for buying and selling secondhand stuff. They’re made out of silver but coated with gold, so they’re not fully gold. I have worn them several times now but I’m not 100% sure if I’ll keep them. They’re quite heavy and I don’t want the holes in my ears to start expanding. I have to see, for now, I love them! I bought these earrings for 8,90 euros.


That’s it for today. I bought 3 items. In the meantime I also got rid of clothes from my wardrobe, more than 3. However, I have stopped to keep track of that. It’s always a quick decision for me. If I don’t wear it, I sell it or bring it to the thrift shop or charity. If I hold onto the clothes I want to get rid of to document it my house will be cluttered with things I don’t need or like. I don’t want my house to be cluttered. Anyhow, I am very happy with these secondhand purchases. I’m well on my way on having a 100% sustainable and fashionable capsule wardrobe.

Yours sincerely,

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