4 Podcast tips – May 2020

As you might know, I am currently working about 50 hours a week. This is the reason I stopped doing my weekly diaries on this blog (which will resume on 1st of August, don’t worry!). I have a production job, so a lot of hours I am doing the same thing over and over again. That might seem boring, but my boss allows us to have headphones (in one ear preferable haha). And so, I have been listening to a loooot of podcasts episodes over the past two months. Today I want to share my favorites with you. Here are 4 podcast tips (from May 2020) that I currently love.


I mostly listen to podcasts to educate myself. About all sorts of stuff. Environmental problems, minimalism, crime, compassion, feminism, racism, money. The list is endless, and that’s exactly what I love about podcasts. There are so many subjects to cover, so much to listen to. I like to educate myself and I love to learn. That’s also why I read a lot of books. I don’t know, I just think I can be a better human when I know things. Also, I never want to stop learning. So, here are 4 of my favorite podcasts!

Ear Hustle

This is my current favorite. I have binged all the episodes since the day I discovered this podcast. Ear Hustle is a podcast made inside of a prison, the San Quentin State Prison in California, in the United States. Life in prison is extremely different from life outside. And so, it’s valuable to hear about life inside of prison. Every episodes covers a different subject, like dating in prison, the solitary confinement unit, death room, but mostly the personal stories of people inside. I think it’s amazing that they are all so open, and the hosts (Earlonne and Nigel, an incarcerated man and a volunteer in the prison) are amazing! I think this is a good podcasts for compassion. People outside sometimes forget that incarcerated people are also just people. They have stories to tell!

Podcast Recommendations

Motherhood Sessions

This is therapy podcast. Motherhood Sessions takes you inside the office of Alexandra Sacks. All sessions are about motherhood, but it’s amazing how many aspects just that one subject has! Whether you’re a mom or not, I think this podcast is for everyone. I’d maybe say that this show is also about compassion, because being a mom is hard. And this show makes you realize that. I love how some shallow-seeming conversations turn into really deep stories about someone’s personality or past. And for all the moms out there, I think this can help to relate to other moms. To not feel alone or different, all moms face problems. And just maybe, this show might make you appreciate and love your own mom even more.

Podcast recommendations

The Minimalists

I have shared more about The Minimalists before, I recommended their film and podcast already and have also written a post about their book. However, it is one of favorites and so I am sharing it again today. The podcasts has an immense number of episodes and I have not listed to all of them yet. But I love it already! Josh and Ryan cover a different subject every episodes and they keep surprising me. Minimalism is seriously related to soooo many aspects of life, maybe all! It’s a lifestyle.

Podcast Tips

Live Planted

Live Planted is a podcast all about practical veganism. That might seem like it’s a niche, but I feel like Alyssa (and in first episodes second host Sarah) covers it all. She shares the facts, in the first episodes I learned a lot of facts to keep confident in veganism (an example, a fish takes 15 minutes to die, it chokes). What I do it for. But she always shares personal stories and a lot of how-to’s. How to got out for dinner when you’re vegan, how to deal with friends an family, how to make vegan friends. As I said, it’s all about practical veganism!

Podcast tips

I personally listen to all these podcasts on The Podcast App, but I think you can also listen on Spotify or the websites of any of these podcasts. I am seriously considering becoming a financial supporter, since I get a lot of value out of these podcasts. And I don’t think a profession like this should be unpaid.

These were 4 podcast tips (in May 2020), my current favorites. What do you think?

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