4 Podcast Tips – May 2022

It’s May again. And apparently, that means that I share some podcast tips on this blog. I’ve been looking into my archive and I noticed that I shared podcast tips in May 2020 and May 2021 (and once in November 2021, but I’ll just ignore that off day haha). Now that it’s May 2022 I’ll keep the tradition going. Today I’ll share 4 podcast tips (from May 2022) with you.

Still Struggling With Silence

The last time I shared 4 podcast tips with you, I wrote that I struggle with silence. As in, I try to fill every gap of my day with podcasts. I listed to podcasts when I wake up and get ready, I listen to them while I bike, I listen to them while I eat, before I go to bed, etc. I struggle with silence because I try to fill it up. It’s something which didn’t really get better, since I still do this. I love listening to podcasts. And maybe this isn’t a bad thing at all. I don’t know, really. I just wanted to say that I still struggle with silence apparently.


Before I start listing and describing the podcasts, I also want to mention one more thing that hasn’t changed. I still don’t listen to fictional podcasts. All the podcasts I listen to are mostly educational (which doesn’t mean they’re not fun). I am just curious by nature. Maybe one day I will have finished all the educational podcasts I listen to. Who knows, maybe then I’ll start listening to fictional podcasts. But for now, this list still consists of educational podcasts. I think personal growth makes you a more compassionate person. Oh and by the way, all the podcasts below are in Dutch. Here are my 4 podcast tips from May 2022:

1 Dipsaus

Dipsaus is a podcasts which I’ve been listening to from the very beginning, it was one of the first podcasts I discovered. It’s an on and off thing for me. Sometimes I binge it an entire week, sometimes I don’t listen for a week. Dipsaus is, as they say so themselves, a podcast by women of color for women of color. And for everybody interested in a different perspective. I am not a woman of color, obviously. But I am very much interested in the perspective of women of color. Dipsaus is produced by Anousha Nzume, Ebissé Rouw en Mariam El Maslouhi. And wow, these women have taught me a lot over the years. For me the most important things I learned about are: blackface, intergenerational trauma and adoption.

But even though I learn a lot, Dipsaus is not made for white people. It’s not made for white people to learn more about inequality and other issues. And that’s why I love it so much. It’s made for women of color and that’s why I often can’t relate. Episodes about hair are a great example of this. The women of Dipsaus just do their thing and yes, I get to learn along the way. But that’s not the focus and that’s amazing.

4 Podcast Tips - May 2022

2 Het Groene Hart

Then there’s a podcast about sustainability on this list, obviously. Het Groene Hart means ‘The Green Heart’. It’s a podcast by Growthinkers. Growthinkers is a sustainability blog by Jelle Derckx and Claire Wouters. The podcasts Het Groene Hart is a podcast in which Jelle Derckx talks to different people about sustainability. These people are often pioneers in a field. Examples are Nina Pierson and Jaap Korteweg. This makes the episodes very interesting, because different people have different in-depth knowledge when it comes to sustainability. While one person talks about sustainable entrepreneurship, another talks about innovation. I find Het Groene Hart a hands-on podcast that’s very inspiring.

3 Klimaattherapie de Podcast

Another podcast about sustainability, but totally different than Het Groene Hart. Klimaattherapie is translated as Climate Therapy the Podcast. This podcasts deals with climate emotions. I would say it’s for people who experience the climate crisis as extremely overwhelming or have anxiety from it. I have to be honest here: I don’t have these feelings. However, I can imagine people feeling them because the climate crisis is extremely terrifying. And I personally listen to it because I find it a very interesting topic. Klimaattherapie talks about how to approach these anxiety feelings and how to deal with them. But mind you: the podcast is also about the climate crisis as a whole, not only about climate anxiety. All these different perspectives make a beautiful whole.

4 Podcast Tips - May 2022

4 Komt Een Mens Bij de Dokter

The English translation to this name is ‘Comes a human at the doctor’. Komt een mens bij de dokter is a podcast with personal stories. Personal stories of people who struggle to find the right health care in The Netherlands. Every episode shows a different person and usually a different medical situation. Sometimes people struggle with a disease because it’s very rare and therefore doctors can’t find the right diagnosis. This podcast teaches you more about those rare health issues. However, sometimes people struggle to get the right health care because the doctors they are seeing are biased. One episode really stuck with me, about a woman with endometriosis. She didn’t get diagnosed for years because doctors kept sending her away. Whatever the cause of the episode is, it’s always very interesting. If you think health care is interesting, you should definitely listen to this.

These were my 4 podcast tips of May 2022. What do you think about them?

Yours sincerely,

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