4 Podcast Tips – November 2021

So far I’ve shared 8 podcast tips with you. 4 here and 4 here. However, I currently have 65 podcasts on my list! I am obviously not listening to all of them at the same time, but all of them are important to me. And since I love them, I want to share them with you. That’s usually how I get to learn about new podcasts myself, someone shares a new one with me. That’s why I am here with 4 more podcast tips today!


I do have to say here: podcasts can inflict on your personal silence. And I think silence is a good thing. Sometimes you just need to be alone with your own thoughts. However, podcasts kill my silence. When I am on a bike, I listen to a podcast. When I am on the train, I listen to podcasts. When I am taking a walk, I listen to podcasts. It’s tempting really. Lately I have been trying to balance this a little bit more. Sometimes silence, sometimes podcasts. I think it’s a good combination.


I have mentioned this before, but I will mention it again before you go on to the next part. About 99% of the podcasts I listen to are educational. Same goes with books. I just love personal growth and education. That’s why I try to also make my podcast list diverse when it comes to subjects. Of course I listen to subjects I like, mostly about making the world a better place in any way. But within this paradigm I try to learn about new subjects. I think learning is the best way to make yourself a better citizen of the world. Knowledge is power. So beware, no true crime or anything else fictional will be shown in this list.

Where Should We Begin?

I would call this a therapy podcast. Where Should We Begin? is a podcast with Esther Perel. Perel is a psychotherapists who has written two quite well-known books about relationships. I think she’s quite famous, but maybe that’s just me and my bubble. Anyway, in the podcast you listen to anonymous therapy sessions with couples. Every episode is different and touches a different subject. It can be about infidelity, sexlessness, loss, etc. The sessions are real couples with real struggles in a therapy session with Perel. And as you listen to these sessions I think you can learn a lot. You learn more about human psychology and behavior, but also about communication and your own relationship (if you have a partner). I learned quite a lot from this podcast when it comes to communication and emotions. And besides, I find therapy sessions from strangers highly interesting. It’s a bit like a reality soap haha!

Ongehoord (Dutch)

As you may notice from the title, this is a Dutch podcast. And to stay a little bit in the emotion and relationship scene, this podcast is about sexuality. The subtitle of the podcast is: a podcast about sexuality in all her forms. Every month the maker of this podcast, Marije Janssen, has a talk about sexuality with an expert. And also, she has personal conversations about sexuality with random people who are not experts. Both makes you learn a lot. Sometimes I learned about things I had never even heard of before. A small peak into the different subjects: consent, porn, gender, kink, monogamy, sexuality, sex toys and much more! What I like about this podcast is that it literally talks about all types of sex and sexualities. There are a lot of things which are not really my thing, but still I find it very interesting. I also think this podcasts normalizes all sorts of sexuality, highly important.

The Disclosure Podcast

Now, onto a completely different subject: veganism. The Disclosure Podcast is made by Ed Winters, also known as Earthling Ed. This man is my hero (yes, I have many). Winters can really explain the core of veganism. He is an ethical vegan and is also extremely gifted when it comes to debating and communication on the subject. When you listen to Winters, you honestly can never doubt veganism ever again. His moral compass is so clear. In this podcast Winter touches all different subjects around veganism, but I’d say it’s mostly on the ethical side of veganism, the very base. Some subjects he goes into are: are backyard eggs ethical?, staying calm when dealing with non-vegans, can you be a non-vegan environmentalist?, staying hopeful, meat & masculinity, etc. Just ethics, ethics, ethics. I love it! There are also quite some episode which are debates and those are glorious. You have to listen to this if you like philosophy.

Future Shock (Dutch)

Last but not least: Future Shock. Future Shock is a podcast that is basically complimentary to a Dutch tv-show. The tv-show is called Tegenlicht. I would honestly also recommend you to watch that series. It’s quite old already, they have been making episodes for 18 years now. Both the tv-show and the podcast are about the same things. Tegenlicht makes episodes about innovations and the future. The question is: how do we deal with ongoing changes? The series is in the form of small documentaries and the podcast is an addition to these episodes in the form of conversations. Some of the subjects which I really liked are: algorithms, DNA, hydrogen, fake news, millennials, Brexit, climate change, etc. etc. The subjects are very diverse and that’s why it’s hard to grasp what Tegenlicht and Future Shock are about in one sentence. It’s about a number of things, but as I said mostly about how we humans deal with massive changes. Very interesting!

That’s it for today! Enjoy listening! And remember: if you have any recommendations for me, let me know.

Yours sincerely,

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