4 Podcast Tips – May 2021

Currently, I am listening to 58 different podcasts! A year or 3 ago, that number was 0. I’ve grown to loving podcasts more and more over the years. In 2020, when I had a job in production, I was listening about 8 hours of podcasts a day. I was a little addicted haha! However, over these years I have only shared 4 podcasts with you on this blog so far. I wrote this post where I shared 4 podcasts with you for the first time. Right now, I still enjoy those a lot, but it’s time to share more! I have 58 on my list, so I can write a whole lot of posts from here. Today I am sharing 4 podcasts that I absolutely love!


As you might have expected, I am not that kind of person who listens to fiction podcasts. I mean, if you have really followed this blog over the years, you know that I am one big nerd. I looooove information and I loooooove learning. That’s why the list of books, films, documentaries and series on this blog is quite long. I feel like there’s always more to learn and I feel like learning makes me happier and simply a better person. Learning is growth and growth is happiness. And knowledge is power.

And so, all the podcast I am sharing today are educational. No fiction stories here. I have maybe 2 or 3 fictional podcasts in the entire list of 58, so those will appear another time. For now, it’s all about learning. Oh, and something not so unimportant. All these podcasts are in Dutch. I wish it was different so that everybody could listen, but that’s just the way it is.

Damn, Honey

This one even sounds English, but it is not. Damn, Honey is a Dutch podcast about all things intersectional feminism. There are two amazing women making the podcast, Marie Lotte Hagen and Nydia van Voorthuizen. Damn, Honey is THE podcast to listen to if you want to know more about intersectional feminism. I think this is my favorite Dutch podcast of all times. Why? Because it taught me so much! It’s extremely accessible and that’s what makes this podcast so amazing. I started listening to Damn, Honey when I literally didn’t know anything about intersectional feminism. If you start from the first episode, you’ll learn things slowly.

I think that’s what Marie Lotte and Nydia did theirselves too. When they started the podcast they were feminists, sure, but after all the episodes they have made so far they’ve become real experts. Damn, Honey is not even a podcast anymore. It’s an intersectional feminist platform. There is a podcast, exclusive episodes for paying members, Marie Lotte and Nydia often come to speak at radio programs or tv-shows, they’ve written a number of books, there is a Slack space and there are theatre tours (I have tickets!). I would recommend this podcast to anyone. Once you learn more about intersectional feminism, you can see how messed up our society still is and what you can do to change that.

On the picture you see Marie Lotte and Nydia lying in a white bed. Nydia is lying with her face down and is wearing a shirt with horizontal blue and white stripes and a black underpants which says 'there are my feminist pants'. Marie Lotte on the right side is lying with her back down. She's wearing a white shirt with girls written on it in pink and a black underpants. She's reading a book, I think this book is called 'Body Positive Power'. Both are white woman.

Lobke’s Podcast

This podcast is made by a Dutch vegan dietician. But don’t worry! This is not a podcast which promotes diets or something. At least, not for weight-loss or other useless crap we should’t waste our time on. This is a podcast about the vegan diet (I hate the word diet since veganism isn’t about your appearance). Lobke (the producer and dietician) speaks with different people about veganism. Mostly about food, because that’s her profession.

One episode that really opened my eyes was a conversation about how we’re trained to eat food at certain times. When there’s a birthday we eat cake for example, or when a baby is born we eat rusk. We don’t listen to our bodies anymore, whether we’re hungry or not. But as I said, there are also other conversations about veganism. With someone who previously worked in a marine park in Netherlands for example. Lobke produces long episodes with a lot of depth and I love that.

4 podcast tips May 2021

Goed met Geld

This is a podcast which I am a little conflicted about sometimes, but I have decided to share it. ‘Goed met Geld’ literally means Good with Money. It’s a finance podcast by Bas and Arjan. I think finances are madly interesting because money plays a big role in our lives. And in our society today I am scared by all the ways we are tied by money. When we buy an expensive house, we are tied to a job for the next 30 years. If we buy an expensive car, there are like 15/20 holidays we choose not to spend it on. I live quite frugal and so this is interesting. I want to control my life and so I need to control my money.

This podcast taught me lot, especially about FIRE, retiring early. The podcast is mostly about intentions, if you spend money on things you need or want, you’re living intentional. However, why I am conflicted about this podcasts is because it supports capitalism. We’re all confined within capitalism. I doubt capitalism a lot. However, this podcast teaches you how to benefit from capitalism. How to invest money, how to make more interest, how to save money on certain things. That’s one thing I am conflicted about. Do I want to support this? But then again, it is what it is, why not benefit in a responsible way? And about that responsible side, that’s the other thing that I am conflicted about.

Sustainable at the same time

I am not a fan of saving or gaining money when it’s at the expense of the earth, other people or animals. The investment funds that are named in the podcast are not sustainable at all, some saving tips are at the expensive of sustainability (cheap groceries or stuff for example, I choose sustainable even if that’s more expensive) and some subjects are a little unethical if you ask me (the episodes about investing in real estate for example, I think that’s not okay since we’re in a housing crisis). If you can look past that side, this is a great podcast to take controle of your finances and your life.

4 podcast tips May 2021


Last but not least, a Dutch podcast about politics! This podcast is made by Titia (that’s why it’s named polititia) and Daniël. This podcast is a podcast for anyone who doesn’t know much about politics. It’s meant to tell you about the basics. The basics about politics in The Netherlands. And so, this is not a podcast about political problems or content. This podcast is about the political system in general. What is the second chamber in The Netherlands? What about the European Elections, how does that work? And what is liberalism?

As Titia says it herself: ‘she’s a political noob, she doesn’t know anything yet’. And so, this is all explained to you in very simple terms. They do discuss current issues sometimes, but that’s usually to illustrate a system. What I love is that anyone can listen to this podcast, just like with some of the podcasts I mentioned above, it’s extremely accessible. And besides that, Titia and Daniël are very funny too. Politics and laughter? Yes, they made it happen.

4 podcast tips May 2021

I hope you’ll enjoy these podcasts just as much as I do! If you have any goods tips for me, let me know too!

Yours sincerely,

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