5 of my favorite bloggers

It’s time to not only focus on myself on this blog and to give some shoutouts to others. Today I am sharing 5 of my favorite fellow bloggers! I try to be an inspiration for others, but of course I have many inspirations myself. And since they inspire me, why not share them with you? Maybe you don’t know then yet. If you ask me inspiration is always welcome. I think blogging is amazing and so today is also a shoutout to blogging in general. Go us! And so, tadaaaaa *insert exciting music* here they are: 5 of my favorite bloggers.

1 Stevie via TradingWasteForAbundance

This is my favorite blogger of all times. I love this woman! How anyone can be so positive? It puzzles me and is my aspiration at the same time. Stevie blogs about a sustainable lifestyle (#surprise). The subject I love most are zero waste/palm oil free/love for nature/veganism/selflove and especially her positive mindset. Her blog is written in English as she lives in the United States. Besides this blog she is very, very active on Instagram, which is great! I would suggest you follow her because her positive vibe can make your day. I think she’s also quite radical and I always love that. We need a radical view.

2 Iris via IkBenIrisNiet

This woman is on this list not because she lives extremely sustainable. Maybe it’s because she lives in Enschede as well (and so her blog is in Dutch)! I always read her posts when they are published and I’ve literally read all posts since 2010. Why I am so hooked? I think that it is the personal and very honest touch to her blogs. It’s an inspiration to be so purely honest! I said I don’t follow her because she lives extremely green but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t do anything when it comes to sustainability. She has some great articles on fair fashion and vegetarian food!

3 Nicky en Jessie via HetZeroWasteProject

If you’re into a zero waste lifestyle, this duo of Dutch woman can’t be missed! These are the experts on a zero waste lifestyle in the Netherlands and I’d say ever further (and their blog is in Dutch). And that’s awesome! The more attention they get, the more attention a zero waste lifestyle gets. That’s a win for everybody. They also have their own shop, Smir. It’s for everything you need if you aspire to live zero waste. Goals! They also organize a month called het Plasticdieet (the plastic diet) each year. On the subject of zero waste these woman are very radical, but they do much more. They eat vegetarian and I think they don’t fly by plane either. Their blog is full of knowledge and DIY’s! These are the experts on zero waste.

4 Lindsey via TreadingMyOwnPath

Then, again someone who isn’t Dutch haha. Lindsey lives in Sidney, Australia. I love her blog! It’s mostly about a zero waste lifestyle. And so you see, zero waste is everywhere and together we make a lot of impact (or less, depends on how you look at it). I love the way Lindsey writes because she is so positive. Her blog isn’t about perfection but about the journey to less waste. She really amplifies that you can’t be wrong on zero waste, everything you do is good! I agree. As I understand from her blog, Lindsey is locally very active in her area on trying to change policy. She’s also written some e-books did a TEDx-talk! Very inspiring.

5 Evelien via GreenEvelien

I’m going to be brutally honest here. Evelien isn’t on this list because she has the most beautiful writing style or lay-out on her blog. But she is on this list because she is radical. She lives ‘extremely’ sustainable (if you compare it to the typical Belgian person), living in Belgium. Her blog is in Dutch. She literally does it all. A sustainable house, sustainable travel, ‘extreme’ minimalism, raising her kids a certain way, it’s all there. I love to read it! It is a bit too much for me personally sometimes. She sleeps with her husband and kids in one room and has a compost toilet. But I think different perspectives are always good!


Most of the bloggers I describes are quite radical in some way. And that’s what I appreciate. We need radical action these days because our current system is broken. What I also find important is honesty. And a positive vibe! What I don’t like in blogs is when they’re highly commercial. I appreciate honesty and I’m afraid people lose that when they work with too many ads or partners. I think the risk is very high of you promoting something you don’t really need when you do ads. But of course it’s also amazing that some bloggers get to make blogging their profession. It’s a lot of work in the end.

Many More

Of course there are many more blogs! There are so many more I would want to recommend but that’s maybe for another time haha! I’d also suggest that if you like these bloggers you’d follow them on Instagram. They also share a lot of inspiring content on there.

There you go, 5 of my favorite bloggers! I hope you like them too!

Yours sincerely,

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