5 vegan sandwich fillings I love

In our society it is quite normal to eat animal products on your sandwich every single day. A sandwich with only cheese (and butter sometimes) is a typical Dutch lunch or snack. And so, when you make the switch to a plant-based diet you are confronted with this habit. I would say peanut butter and jam are two of the few alternatives in a typical Dutch cabinet. But eating peanut butter every day can get boring and so it’s time to look beyond. That’s why today I am proposing 5 vegan sandwich fillings I personally love.

Create a Habit

This is really a matter of habit. If you want to cut out animal products or reduce the amount you eat, this is one of the first steps. It’s just a matter of buying different things, that sometimes taste the same or even better. If you just choose to buy the vegan steak tartare instead of the ‘regular’ one, you’re making a big change without even noticing it.

Change your View

I think it’s really important here to see the product as it is. A lot of non-vegans compare the replacements with the ‘original’. I think that’s wrong because a vegan alternative is almost never the same thing. But that does not mean it’s not delicious! I think when you try something new you should ask yourself: do I love this? rather than: is it like the original? In the end it’s about eating something you love, not about sticking with one flavor all your life.

Today I am proposing 5 sandwich filling which I would categorize as replacements. The cheese, the meat and all that. I could propose peanut butter here, but I think that’s too obvious. Also, I am going for the savory sandwich fillings. Those are my personal favorites and I’ll come to the sweet options (like chocolate paste) later in another post. Now onto the list of vegan savory sandwich fillings:

Violife cream cheese

2.99 euros for 200 grams (Available at Dutch supermarkets Albert Heijn and Jumbo)

This vegan cream cheese is the best cream cheese alternative I could find so far. I especially love it on fresh baked goods, like a warm bagel. It’s vegan, but also palm oil free and so this cream cheese entirely guilt-free! I find the taste amazing, it’s very creamy. I do like to combine it with some salad or an avocado sometimes, just to make it a little extra special.

Steak Tartare

2.39 for 120 grams from De Vegetarische Slager (My favorite Dutch brand, available at Albert Heijn and Jumbo)

There are currently two brands of vegan steak tartare available in The Netherlands, The Vegetarische Slager and Kips. I both love them, but The Vegetarische Slager is my favorite because I feel like it’s less sweet. I’ve heard different opinions about this alternative, all positive. Not everybody thinks it tastes the same as the ‘original’ steak tartare, but I definitely do. I love this!

Paté (English name is rillettes I think)

1.90 euros for 125 grams (Brand is Kips, my favorite, available at Albert Heijn and Jumbo)

There’s a lot of vegan Paté around in Dutch Supermarkets. You have Kips, De Vegetarische Slager and Zonnatura. I have not tried Zonnatura just yet, so for now my favorite is Kips. Zonnature has an original one and one with herbs. Kips has an original one too and a Mediterranean flavor. I have only tried the original one. De Vegetarische Slager only has one type. I prefer Kips over De Vegetarische Slager because it tastes less sweet.

Apple-celery salad

2.55 euros for 175 grams available at Albert Heijn and Jumbo

There’s only one brand of this salad, it’s Johma. Johma has I think about 30 salads, but this is the first vegan salad they’ve produced. I have always loved all their salads, but I quit eating them when I went vegan. When they introduced this one I was hesitant at first because I don’t really like celery. But! Somehow they produced some magic because I love this salad! I love the freshness of this salad the most.


1.95 euros for 80 grams available at Albert Heijn and Jumbo

Bologna, it’s something I’ve been eating since forever. I grew up with it as a child. When I saw this vegan bologna from De Vegetarische Slager I had to try it and it did not let me down. It’s not like the real thing, but as I mentioned above, it’s not about that. It’s about the flavor, do you love it or not? I love this bologna!

These were 5 vegan sandwich fillings I love. What’s your favorite savory sandwich filling?

Yours sincerely,

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