6 Secondhand Clothing Items I Bought

It’s been a while since I shared my last secondhand clothing finds. 8 months to be precise. I wish I didn’t buy any clothing since then. I wish my wardrobe was perfect and that I don’t want anything else. Reality check, this is not the case (yet!). The past 8 months I did buy clothing again. But as you know me, I bought these items secondhand. Today I want to share these purchases with you. Let me show you the 6 secondhand clothing items that I bought the past months.

Sustainable Clothing

Before I go to the actual items I do want to share some basic information of this blog with you. I don’t buy fast fashion. Why? You can read that in this post. I rarely buy from sustainable brands. They are a way better option than fast fashion, but I mostly buy secondhand clothing. That’s because there are no new resources needed for these clothes. They are already there, so no new resources, no new emissions and you use the things we already have on this planet. Secondhand clothing is the most sustainable option. In this post you can read my view on what the clothing industry should look like. A sustainable wardrobe is also about buying less and using what you already have at home. I try that, but I am not perfect. I do sometimes still buy secondhand clothing and today I am sharing those items with you. I do this because I want to show how great secondhand fashion is! Now, let’s go over the items.

1 Beige Winter Coat

I start off with an item that is a little different than the others. This is not an item that I bought, but it’s one that I received. My grandma gave it to me as she never wore it and asked if I liked it. I sure do! I now have 2 winter coats (since I already had one) so I am doubting a little bit to maybe get rid of the other one but I don’t know yet. I fell in love with this coat. It is super comfy and warm. I don’t need to wear a scarf with it and that’s great. I just grab the coat and go. I’ve worn it a looooot already since I got it. When buying secondhand clothing I try to avoid polyester since it’s plastic but with this I make an exception because I just love this coat too much. The warmth and ease it gives me is amazing. I also think it looks cute, very important! I don’t know what my grandma paid for this coat when she bought it but I got it for free.

2 Blue Summer Dress

This is a summer dress that I already bought before the summer begun. It is 100% cotton and so no plastic (and no dirty sweating). It is very comfy because of the cotton but I find it cute at the same time. I bought it at a secondhand shop in Groningen, GoudGoed. I do wear it with a safety pin because otherwise you can see my bra and I don’t really like that (wearing this dress without a bra would not be comfortable for me personally). I wish I still knew the price but I don’t. I think it was 7 euros but I am not sure. It surely was no more than 10 euros.

3 Red Long Sweater Dress?

I don’t really know what to call this item. Is it a dress or is it a sweater? All I know is that it looks very cute. It is a very warm thing and so this is great for the winter (yes, I am jumping for winter, to summer, to winter clothing here). I just wear it with leggings underneath it, some black boots and done! It looks like a dress but at the same time it is very comfy. I also love the sparkling red color and that it has a hoodie on it. It is 100% cotton. I bought this at Mamamini in Groningen for 6 euros.

4 Grey T-Shirt

This was a find from heaven. I rarely find grey or black t-shirts that I actually like and are in good shape in secondhand stores. They are better available online (like at Vinted). Anyhow, I found this t-shirt at VindIets in Enschede. It is 100% cotton and I absolutely love it. When I bought this t-shirt I actually realized that I need a bit more of these kinds of t-shirts. I have plain white and black t-shirts but these shirts with a print on it are better for simple outfits. You can wear them with anything and they look good. It does not have to be complicated either, a nice jeans and sneakers underneath and we’re done. This particular t-shirt only costs me 4 euros!

5/6 Golden Earrings

I’ve made the switch from silver to gold the past years. Back in the days I used to love silver jewelry. However, a while back I totally switched to gold and love it ever since. The rings I own are gold and so is my necklace. I didn’t own any golden earrings yet. Up till now! I bought two pairs of earrings at Zipper in Amsterdam. They are dead stock. Zipper sometimes offers that along with their secondhand clothing. Dead stock is stock from mainstream companies which is leftover. When mainstream companies don’t want to sell it anymore, thrift shops like Zipper buy the dead stock to prevent it from going to waste. I think it’s a good solution. Anyway, I bought two sets of earrings. The rings (which look silver in the picture but they are not) are for everyday (and I have been wearing these day and night ever since). The long hangers are for special occasions when I wear something special. I have a few more earrings but I am saving those for when I get my third pair of holes in my ears. Anyhow, these two pairs are silver inside but gold-plated. I only wear gold or silver because I can’t stand fake jewelry. I bought the two pairs for 32,50 euros. I think one pair was 15 euros and the other was 17,50 euros.

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