6 secondhand clothing items I bought

6 secondhand clothing items I bought

Over the past months (my guess would be about 6 months) I bought 6 secondhand clothing items. Now that I write this down it seems like quite a bit. Yet, I’ve gotten rid of even more and so I’m still working on that capsule wardrobe I aspire to have. With these new purchases I really feel like I’m getting closer, I’m extremely critical on what I buy. Today I want to share which items I bought, how they fit in my aspired capsule wardrobe and how I reflect on these purchases.

Secondhand Fashion and a Capsule Wardrobe 

Buying new clothing can be sustainable, but the most sustainable option is buying secondhand. There are no new resources needed and you basically use the trash of someone else. The only downside is that you can’t support the sustainable fair fashion brands which do sell new. I choose to buy secondhand when I can and sustainable and fair new when I have no other option. I think this balance is best. If you want to know why I don’t buy fast fashion (which most people consider ‘normal’ fashion) you can read more about that here in this post I wrote. Then, the capsule wardrobe. It’s the ultimate dream for me. A capsule wardrobe is different for everybody but for me it would be a small wardrobe with only items I absolutely adore and would all go together and therefore be good for every occasion. No more doubting about what I should wear in the morning and feeling hella good every day! It sounds like a dream, but I feel like I’m getting closer every year. Now, off to the items I bought!

Item 1: A Red Summer Dress 

In July I bought a red summer dress for I think 20 euros in a local secondhand store on holiday (in Zeeland, a region in The Netherlands). It’s originally from H&M and it’s really colorful. And that last thing is the exact reason why I bought it. Since I’m working towards a capsule wardrobe I have been choosing all boring colors. Black, grey and white. I find that quite boring and I don’t want to be dressed in boring colors all my life. It’s amazing for the basics to have black, white and grey. But for things like dresses and sweaters I don’t want that. This dress makes me feel all bubbly and happy and so I bought it. It’s also 100% cotton which is best for me personally. Synthetic fabrics make me sweat a lot and I hate that.

Item 2: White All-Stars 

I’ve had All-Stars since a young age. I’ve always loved them and they fit together with everything. They are my basic white sneakers. I prefer one pair of white sneakers and a pair of black ones. This way my shoes fit with every outfit and for shoes I like that. I bought these white All-Stars for 20 euros on Marktplaats (the Dutch e-bay). They’re the exact same as the ones I had so nothing really changed in my wardrobe. I just wanted another pair because the old pair was really worn out. They broke on all sides and so I got rid of those (in a responsible way of course). This is what I want for my capsule wardobe. When things wear out, I want to replace them with the exact same thing.

Item 3: Plateau Vans Sneakers 

Another pair of sneakers! I’ve really focussed on shoes the past period. I think I almost have a capsule wardrobe when it comes to shoes. I have almost everything I need. I have one pair of white sneakers (see item 2) and a pair of black sneakers. This way I have a pair for all occasions. I’ll write a blogpost soon about all the shoes I own, this way you can see what I mean. Anyhow, I bought these Vans on Vinted for 35 euros I think, because I really love basic Vans. I already had a pair of low Vans, but they hurt my feet and I didn’t like the look of them anymore. I sold those (which I had also bought secondhand) and bought these secondhand plateau high Vans. I love these. They go by my basic black pair of sneakers (even though they’re also partly white). I do have a small problem with the brand being so obvious, since I don’t actually support Vans (or any type of fast fashion brand). Maybe I’ll get rid of the logo anytime soon if that doesn’t hurt the shoes.

Item 4: Black Sock Boots 

Oh myyy, I have been looking for these shoes for a long time! I refused to buy them new and so the search was a little longer than it usually is. I eventually bought them on Vinted for 7 euros. They fit me just right so far. I have one pair of heels which are open and so those are awful during most of the year. It’s just way too cold in The Netherlands. I want to wear heals more, because now I mostly wear sneakers. Just to switch it up a little sometimes! But everytime I wanted to wear heals I couldn’t because it would be too cold. I figured I needed a pair of closed heels which I could wear anytime, in cold and warm weather. I saw sock boots in stores and I immediately loved them! And so, I went on the hunt for a pair. I found them, but I haven’t worn them yet. During this COVID-19 breakout I am mostly at home and when I go outside it’s for long walks. But I think this is a perfect addition to my capsule wardrobe! They can go together with every outfit and I love them!

Item 5: A Sweater 

I love sweaters! But over the past years I have found out that I mostly love sweaters with a high neck or a turtle-neck. These make me feel good. Before I bought this sweater, I didn’t really have any warm sweaters with a high neck. I do already have high-neck sweaters but these aren’t so warm. And since I’m always cold I really think this could be an addition to my wardrobe. I also got rid of another sweater (in a responsible way) when I took this one in. The one I got rid of was a low-neck and it just didn’t make me comfortable. This sweater I bought now doesn’t have a label but I think it’s made out of polyester. I try to avoid that, but this sweater was so comfy that I couldn’t resist. I have worn it a lot already. I think it cost me 4,95 euros, I bought it in a physical store, Het Goed in Enschede.

Item 6: A Cap for Winter 

The past year I didn’t really have a warm cap for winter. But my ears and face get cold very easily. I had some sort of bandeau thingy (I don’t know what to name it haha), but that didn’t work. I didn’t warm up anything really. When I ran into this cap in the same physical store I bought item 5 I knew it was going with me. It’s extremely warm, I love the warm color and it goes well together with my winter coat. It cost me 1,95 euros and I have worn it a lot already. This is the only cap I have for winter and I intend to keep it that way! I love it!

That’s it for the past months. Quite a lot huh? 3 pairs of shoes even! I still love all the items and I don’t think I bought anything too impulsively. I thought all of it through and bought what I need and wear. I feel like I’m really improving. Where I bought everything I liked even a tiny bit years ago, I now make conscious choices. I am happy with this progress and it shows again: you can create your ideal wardrobe with secondhand items! The secondhand market has a lot to offer!

Yours sincerely, 

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