Albert Heijn Premium for Organic Food

Albert Heijn Premium for Organic Food

A post about the Albert Heijn? What? Is this a sponsored post? Nope. None of my posts are sponsored. But yes, I am going to promote a Albert Heijn initiative today. In a nuanced way, but still. Recently Albert Heijn has launched Albert Heijn Premium. And even though I don’t like multinationals, I do support this initiative. I have been a member for a month now and this is something I really want to share since it could help a lot of people! Today I’m telling you more about Albert Heijn Premium for organic food.


Look, I don’t want to support multinationals this way. Albert Heijn is a part of Ahold, which is a powerful multinational. I don’t think power should be centralized like it is now. There’s very little people benefiting from the system we currently have in place. Many more are harmed by it. Having a decentralized economy, with many small businesses, is much better. It creates more jobs, it is more personal, it is slower, more adaptive and the system then would not solely be about profit for the shareholders, like it is now. So, I don’t want multinationals to exists and when I can I personally avoid them.

However, I also have to be realistic. These multinationals are here and they have millions of customers. This is the system we have right now and it is extremely hard to avoid. Try not going to a supermarket while still buying organic food for a month. I mean, that’s hard. I am personally struggling with this very much. The nearest organic local greengrocer is far away from my home and I need to shop every other day. You could avoid that by planning well and visiting the organic local shops once a week.

No Planning

However, since I save food via TooGoodToGo (which is very sustainable) I don’t know what will be in my food box and so I can’t plan ahead. I do go to a bulk shop every once in a while to buy organic, zero waste, dry foods but I still need some other things. And so, I go to the Albert Heijn and try to make sustainable choices there for the remainder of my neccecities. It’s the best option I have. So, if we can’t change the overal system then, maybe we can change something within the system. That’s why I am still writing about this Albert Heijn initiative today. Albert Heijn Premium can help to change the system from the inside. 

Albert Heijn Premium

Now, what is Albert Heijn Premium then? It’s a membership really. For 12 euros a year, you get a 10% discount on all organic products. And 12 euros is not a lot because if you shop regularly at Albert Heijn your investment will be returned and you will make a profit! I have done a little calculation. There’re 52 weeks in a year. If you want to break-even you have to get a discount of 23 cents each week. That’s usually one or 2 organic products a week. One thing I buy a lot are avocados. Those are 3 euros and so I get a discount of 30 cents each time. Buying avocados once a week and I already make a profit. For me this is just amazing because I always buy my products organic anyway. If you do this too, get the membership.

However, if money is a threshold to you then this is a great initiative to increase you organic purchases. What you can do is only buy the products that are cheaper with the discount than without it. I made a list of these products below. Then the organic product is actually cheaper and so the logical choice! Also, there are some products that Albert Heijn only provides organic. These are things you can simply not buy non-organic, I listed these below too. So if you buy these products, it also makes sense to get the Albert Heijn Premium for organic food. 

Organic-Only Products at Albert Heijn

  • Tofu
  • Herb Plants
  • Fresh Ginger
  • Raw Pumpkin
  • Fresh Turmeric

Cheaper or Evenly Priced Products at Albert Heijn (with Premium)

  • 100% Peanutbutter (non-organic 2,25 euros, organic 2,11 euros )

There are also some other benefits in the Albert Premium membership. One of them is relevant, the ‘koopzegels’. You can read more about that in this post. Also, you get more personal discounts, 10 every week. Those can also be very useful for the product you can’t buy organic. Think of vegan cheese for example. Organic vegan cheese is usually not offered yet. The personal discounts are based on your previous purchases and so it is likely that you get a discount on the products you buy a lot*.


I honestly think this is a great initiative by Albert Heijn. They’re really trying to make people buy organic food and I appreaciate that. As I said, I would like to see the whole system change. But, since that’s not happening right now I appreciate this change from the inside. The more we buy organic, the better. It’s crucial for our future food supply since non-organic food is depleting the soils, leading to fewer areas being suitable for agriculture each year. Also, non-organic food is extremly harmful to biodiversity since it’s sprayed with toxins to kill weeds. These toxins kill all life in the area. I honestly believe organic food is better for our health too. 

I’ve written it before: government needs to change and companies need to change. But we should do our part too. And don’t give me the ‘I can’t afford organic food’ argument. The Albert Heijn Premium can even benefit you more than it costs. And also, I know that not everyone can afford organic food. Strangely enough, I only hear the money argument from priviledged people. People who go on holidays twice a years or drive an expensive car. Then at least be honest and say you don’t care about organic food. Don’t say it’s too expensive. Cut the bullshit and admit that it’s about priorities. 

Organic = Cheaper

One last argument: organic food is only more expensive money-wise on the short term. If 100% of our food was organic, we’d be better off. Right now the true price of non-organic food is paid by society. In the form of climate change, soil depletion, biodiversity loss, nitrogen pollution, etc. etc. This costs money and we pay as a society. If 100% of the food was organic we didn’t have all these costs and all in all we’d save money. Let’s aim for that! 100% of our food 100% organic. Getting Albert Heijn Premium for organic food is a great step towards that goal. 

Yours sincerely,

*I know that selling my data to companies is bad. With this membership I give them insight in what I buy and so I sell my data. That’s bad because it creates profits for Albert Heijn because they sell this data. However, I chose to still get the membership. I am not perfect and I don’t claim to be. This doesn’t mean I give up. I recently switched from Whatsapp to Signal for example. I try to change where I can and sometimes different goals collide. Right now, I chose to value the increase in organic food that this initiative can create higher than the data aspect. I hope I can change this in the future.

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  1. Mijn oom had het hier laatst ook over! Ik moet nog even het sommetje maken, omdat ik ook veel boodschappen doe bij de Jumbo, en lang niet wekelijks bij de Appie kom.

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