All the shoes I own as a minimalist

All the shoes I own as minimalist 5

The past few months I’ve had the feeling of wanting to analyse my closet. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of items this year, one by one. And so, I want to see where I am today. Do I have double items or things I don’t wear? There is one specific category of clothes which I’ve made conscious choices about the past months: shoes. And so, before I analyse my closet I am going to analyse my shoes first in this post. How many shoes do I own and how do I evaluate on the things I have?

Recent Changes

Last month I published about 6 new clothing items I bought the past 7 months. 3 of those were shoes! With these purchases I feel like I am nearly where I want to be. Even though I’ve also gotten rid of shoes (and a lot of clothes as well) I haven’t shared that part. That’s because I didn’t have the energy to do so. If I made the decision the item could go, I was done with it. And so, my shoes stack has changed a lot the past year. Here are the shoes I have today:

1 Black Boots

I am starting with the boots. I have had them for 3 years now I guess, maybe more? They’re fake leather since I am vegan. My mom bought them for me for my birthday that year (and so these shoes were bought new). I think they cost 100 euros. I love these black boots because they fit with every outfit. I usually wear these with skirts. They’re starting to break from the inside, I can feel that. But when they break I am going to buy similar ones (secondhand obviously). Still black, but maybe with some studs just to cheer it up a little. These are really basic but I happy with it for now!

2 Black Sock Boot Heels

Then, I also have black heels. They’re the more chic version of the black boots above. If I have to walk a lot or don’t want to look that fancy I went for those shoes above (nr. 1). When I want to switch it up a little and make an outfit really chique I wear these. The past year I realized I never wear heels, but I do like them a lot. They create variety in my outfits. It’s a big difference when I wear the black boots (nr. 1) or these black heels. I can go for classy or robust at the same time. I chose to go with black because it’s safe. These shoes can go with every outfit. I bought these secondhand for 7 euros on Vinted. I have to see the coming year if black is enough for me. It’s good! But maybe I’ll end up feeling like buying the same ones in pink. The model is however something that I’ll stick to for sure. I love it!

3 Orange Open Heels

From the closed heels (which are amazing for cold ├índ warm weather) we go to the open heels. I barely wear them but these are the shoes I’ve owned the longest. I bought them in the time I still bought fast fashion because these shoes are from Primark. I can only wear them in summer because in the other seasons it’s simply too cold in The Netherlands. And so, I barely wear them. But I keep them intentionally! That’s because these shoes make me very happy when I do wear them. On summer barbecues or parties for example! They are full of color and fit with surprisingly many outfits. The other heels I have are black (nr. 2) and so I love that these are so colorful. I think they cost me 12 euros at the time when I bought them new.

4 Colorful Sandals

From the summer heels we go to the summer sandals. I can’t always wear heals in summer and so I need a good base to wear when it’s warm and I walk a lot. These sandals are the shoes I currently have for that. I think they will stay one more summer and then they go. I need more basic sandals which go with every outfit. These are too crazy in color and I therefore barely wear them. I would also like some sort of plateau sandals with a good sole for my feet. These sandals are flat. Also, after a long time wearing them they hurt my feet because my feet are too wide. But I keep them now because I haven’t found an alternative yet. That’s the only reason why they’re still on my list haha. I bought them for 4 euros I think, secondhand on a flee market.

5 Slippers

I have another pair of summer shoes. And that’s what I want! I want to own a pair of heels, basic sandals and slippers. These slippers are the ones I currently have. I bought them for 1 euro at a flee market. They walk just fine and I think they’re really pretty. There is one thing that bothers me though. I have one more pair of slippers which I use only for when I take a shower after I went to sports. That’s because I think that these summer slippers are not made for under the shower (at least, they don’t feel or look like it). And so, I basically have two pairs of slippers. One to wear in daily life and one to only wear in the shower. I wish I could combine the two. If these summer slippers ever break I will search for a pair that can serve for both purposes. For now I use these.

6 White All Starts

And then we go to the sneakers! Ah, my All-Stars. I’ve had All-Stars for a long time. I started with black ones (surprise), then moved to gray and for years now I’ve had white All-Stars. I love them! They fit with almost every outfit too. They have a tiny disadvantage: they can’t be worn when the weather is quite cold. If it freezes or is below 10 degrees Celsius my toes have a hard time. But that’s okay. I’ve bought these ones I have now for 20 euros secondhand online at Marktplaats. Having a pair of white shoes is essential for me. I need it.

7 Black Plateau Vans

I own white sneakers, but also black ones. You can tell I like black and white huh? I just like how black or white shoes fit with every outfit and always look good. These Vans are just amazing. They fit with every outfit and they are comfortable. And I can use these better than my white sneakers for when I go out or other occasions where the white sneakers may be ruined. They have the same disadvantage as the white All-Stars: they are a little cold sometimes. Not as cold as the All-Stars and so I can wear them almost all year round. But still, sometimes I can’t. I bought them secondhand for 35 euros at Vinted.

8 Pink Sneakers

From all the shoes I am certain: I love them or I know what I’ll replace them with one day. These pink sneakers are just one mystery. I barely wear them. I don’t know if I need to get rid of them. They are warm and are light pink and so fit with a lot of clothes I have. When I do wear them I think I like them (I don’t even know). But if I get rid of them I don’t know if I want another pair. I wonder whether the black and white (the other two pairs of sneakers I have) are enough. Isn’t it much fun to have colorful shoes? But then again, these are so mild. Shouldn’t I go with a crazy kind of pink? I am 22! Ugh, I just don’t know. For now I am keeping them. What I did learn from these shoes is that I will never buy light (fake) suede again. You just can’t clean it and so these sneakers have some stains. I bought these new about 4 years ago (that’s my best guess) for 120 euros.

8 or 11 Shoes?

8 pairs of shoes, I think it’s quite okay. I am happy! But 8 is maybe not the right number. As I said I also have one more pair of slippers which I only use under the shower. I also have sports shoes, which I only use for sports. And I own a pair of warm slippers for at home (you know, those fluffy ones for warm feet). I don’t really count any of these as shoes but if I would I’d have 11 pairs of shoes. I think it’s not that minimalistic but I read that the average Dutch woman has 23 pairs! I count my own as 8 and I think that’s good for me personally!


I am really happy with all the shoes I own. I am also happy that I know what I want when I’m not happy with shoes. With the sandals for example. But what I do have to find out is whether the black sock boot heels are fine in black. Maybe I want a more crazy color after all, like yellow or pink. Same goes with the pink sneakers. I still have to find out what I’ll do with those. The sandals are the only one which will probably go out soon and for the rest I think I’ll be good for years. I am happy with this progress. I’ve come a long way since I used to have a lot of shoes (maybe the average of 23, I don’t know). But, I was never that happy. I never felt this good about the base I have like I do now. I feel like a happy minimalist when it comes to shoes!

Yours sincerely,

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