App for buying and selling secondhand clothing: Vinted

I hope you’ve noticed: I avoid buying new stuff and clothes. That’s because buying secondhand is the most sustainable option. Whenever I need something I usually buy it secondhand (or I lend it). Besides that it’s sustainable because there’s no new production, it also saves a lot of waste. That’s because you’re basically buying someone else’s waste. Today I want to share an app which is great for buying and selling secondhand clothing: Vinted.

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This harms the environment: flying

Today it’s time to share a confession, one you’re not going to like. Because today I’m sharing about flying. The past years I have flown a lot. At least once a year, sometimes more. This in not sustainable at all. And even though I try to do better, I am going on holiday by plane again soon. I want to share this, because this sustainability journey is a proces for me too.

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My first weekly diary!

This summer I want to try something new: a weekly diary. In these diaries I want to give you an insight in my life. No, my goal is not to get famous or show you how exciting my life is. I want to give you a realistic view of my life and my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. Also, I just love to write! Every Thursday I will post a weekly diary. It is an experiment, so I’ll share my summer this year to see that’s going. Excuse me for the bad photos, I still have an Iphone 4 and I’m waiting till it dies and I have an excuse to buy a refurbished better phone.

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I started a vegetable garden!

A few years ago I read my first how-will-I-save-the-world-book. It’s called Green Living for Dummies (how appropriate), I wrote this post about it recently. I learned a lot from that first book, because well, I was actually a big dummy on the subject. I read the book in a big all-inclusive resort in Turkey, where I went by plane, very green *coughs*. Doesn’t mean that these holidays weren’t awesome, I have the greatest memories of them. At the same, I slowly started doing green things I learned from the book. I read that a vegetable garden was a good start and so since then I had a new hobby: gardening!

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Book about climate change: Earth in Balance

Today I’m sharing a book by Al Gore as a must read! Earth in Balance, a book about climate change and global warming. The biggest challenge of our time and something most of my readers try to battle I suppose. Al Gore battles it too, just on a different level!

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Documentary about a plant-based diet: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

The past week I watched two documentaries. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2. They were both on my list and on available on Netflix! It concerns a subject I’m very passionate about: a healthy diet. In this case about a whole-food plant-based diet. It’s about a guy named Joe who calls himself Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

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How to avoid disposable cutlery

When I go out the door there are a number of things I keep in my bag, standard. You might recognize this. When you try to live a zero waste lifestyle the items you keep in your bag are essential, you need them in tricky, potentially wasteful situations. Since a while I’ve added a new item to this list of things I keep in my bag: reusable cutlery.

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Saving water with a bucket in the shower

Today I’m sharing something about waste (surprise!). But not the kind of waste that I normally write about. Today I want to write about wasting water. Because this waste is just as important as trash, wasting water is terrible. I want to tell you about a trick I use to save a lot of water. I do this by placing a bucket in the shower!

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I’m going to become an entrepreneur!

On my blog you hear me talk all the time about ‘saving the world’. This is besides being happy and making others happy sort of a life goal. Doing something good for the world makes me happy. Now, I hear you think: ‘Romee, you can’t save the world on your own’. I know that, let’s frame it differently then: ‘leaving the world behind when I die in a better shape than it was when I was born’. And in that context I have exciting news!

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Documentary about climate change: The 11th Hour

Some documentaries make me nervous. Nervous for what’s to come, but also nervous about what’s happening now already. The 11th Hour is such a documentary, because it really brings across a message: we need to combat climate change if we still want to live on this planet for the coming decades. And that’s why I want to share it with you today.

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