Book about minimalism: The Joy of Less

Over the past weeks I’ve really noticed that minimalism is becoming my standard mindset. It’s become an integrated part of my life, sort of an automatic pilot for me. Over time I’ve already shared some book tips about minimalism, the book from the Minimalists, or this one from Jelle Derckx and even a more practical one from Marie Kondo. But today I’d like to add one to the list, since I think more books about minimalism are actually better (how ironic, right?). From each book I learn more about the mindset and lifestyle. Today I’d like to recommend to you: The Joy of Less by Francine Jay.

Minimalism as an integrated part of my life

My pile of stuff is getting smaller and smaller. I notice that I keep on asking myself: does this add value to my life? An examples: a few days ago I had this party and you got this free glass with your ticket. I used that glass the whole night, but afterwards I gave it to someone who does seemed happy with it. As soon as I got it I thought: I don’t need this in my life after this party. Every item I get or want to buy I assess and it’s really become a habit. I do think that grows over time, but I also think that when you have the tools for it (tips, experiences from others, etc.) this becomes easier. And that’s why I am sharing this book today.

The Joy of Less by Francine Jay

The Joy of Less is a book about minimalism that has it all. In the beginning Francine Jay talks about minimalism as a whole and the further you come in the book she also gives you practical ways to get started yourself. She starts with the why and then gives you the how. Ideal! After you get to know more about the philosophy, it can be hard to start yourself. Francine talks about STREAMLINE, a practical guide to minimalism. STREAMLINE consists of 10 steps. Start over, Trash/Treasure/Transfer, Reason for each item, Everything in its place, All surfaces clear, Modules, Limits, If one comes in—one goes out, Narrow it down, and Everyday maintenance. After this STREAMLINE-method, she talks about each room in a house and how to declutter each one. Another practical part. The last part is more about the philosophy again. How are you going to keep this lifestyle going? You look beyond the stuff. Can you declutter your schedule for example? And what I specifically liked about this part is that she talks about the environmental benefits of minimalism as well!

Part 1; The philosophy of minimalism
Part 2; The STREAMLINE-method
Part 3; How to declutter the different rooms in your house
Part 4; Minimalism beyond your house

How minimalism has helped me so far

I get this question a lot: what are the benefits to minimalism for you? It’s a hard question I think, but my answer would be: room. Room for things that really matter. It can be confronting sometimes, because you are basically forced to look at your life and ask yourself: what do I find important? That can be a hard journey which still gives me the chills sometimes. But once you’ve found what your main values are, you can focus on those and leave all the clutter behind. The stuff you don’t need, the relationships that don’t add value to your life, the mental freedom. Minimalism gives me room!

‘He who knows he has enough is rich’ – Francine Jay

The Joy of Less by Francine Jay is a must read if you ask me: it’s again a little different from the books I’ve already shared and so it adds a different spectrum to the minimalist lifestyle, especially the STREAMLINE-method.

Have you read The Joy of Less already?

Yours sincerely,

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  1. Hoi Romee, weer een leuke post.

    Ik geef je wat feedback als lezer:

    Het is altijd leuk als je niet alleen een tip krijgt om een boek te lezen, en leest hoe het jou heeft geïnspireerd, maar ook direct iets leert waar je zelf mee aan de slag kunt. In dit geval zou ik iets meer willen weten over de STREAMLINE-methode. Kun je daar 1 voorbeeld van geven of de stappen vermelden? Zo kan je als lezer ook zelf aan de slag, zonder dat ze het boek perse moeten lezen.

    Het is natuurlijk maar net wat je wilt bereiken bij de lezer/volger van je blog 😉

    Zie maar wat je er mee doet. Ik vind het al super goed wat je doet.


    Op 28-10-19 om 06:03 schreef When A Teen Goes Green: > > Romee Hoeksma posted: “Over the past weeks I’ve really noticed that > minimalism is becoming my standard mindset. It’s become an integrated > part of my life, sort of an automatic pilot for me. Over time I’ve > already shared some book tips about minimalism, the book from > the Minimal” >

    1. Hi Winny, dank voor je feedback! Ik ben altijd bang om te spoilen haha, maar het is inderdaad handig om de methode meer toe te lichten denk ik. Ik zal het meenemen in de volgende posts en binnenkort ga ik deze post ook even aanpassen :). Liefs, Romee

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