Saving 144 euros in 10 minutes with a student bank account

I had a moment of enlightenment this Friday. Or well, enlightenment, I received a tip. I was listening to a Dutch podcast about money in the train. They mentioned a tip which made me realized I have spent 180 euros the past 5 years on something that could be free. I have to say, at first that really sucks. Yet, I can’t change the past anymore. But I can change today and share the tip with you as well! Continue reading “Saving 144 euros in 10 minutes with a student bank account”

Earning money with solar panels: ZonnepanelenDelen

Last week I published a post in which I calculated my negative impact on the planet and how many earths we would need if everybody lived like me, considering we only have one. The biggest category in this calculation is stuff. And a big part of that for me were solar panels I bought. In the calculation that seems negative, because it’s something you buy new. But today I want to tell you why I think it’s a positive thing and how I buy solar panels. Continue reading “Earning money with solar panels: ZonnepanelenDelen”

Traveling to Albufeira by train: the return

This post is a follow-up from the post from last week. I’ve made the decision to ditch the plane because it’s not sustainable at all. Last week I shared the outward journey by train from Haarlem to Albufeira. Overall conclusion: easier than expected. This week I’ll share my return. I went from our apartment in Albufeira to Weesp in The Netherlands. So, how did that go? Continue reading “Traveling to Albufeira by train: the return”

All the cosmetics I own as a minimalist

So, I didn’t really know what to call this blogpost. Beauty products sound weird to me. Nobody needs special products to be beautiful I guess. Stuff can’t make you beautiful. Eventually I decided to call this category cosmetics. If you’d ask me if I’m a fan of cosmetics I’d answer no. But toothpaste and soap are cosmetics too and I definitely do need those! I claim to be a minimalist, so I thought it’d be good to share what cosmetics I use on a daily basis as an addition to my make-up stash from last week. Here are all the cosmetics I own as a minimalist. Continue reading “All the cosmetics I own as a minimalist”

I bought a new thrifted item: jeans

You might think it’s not worth the effort to write a blogpost about just one piece of clothing I bought, but I disagree. So, here I am, sharing just one item I bought a while back. Why? Because I think it’s important to value every single sustainable choice made. So, here I am, with a small blogpost about a jeans. Continue reading “I bought a new thrifted item: jeans”

I went thrift shopping! What did I buy?

As a person, the most sustainable thing you can do is stop buying new stuff. And since I’m trying to live as sustainable as I can, I took the pledge to not buy anything new. You can see how I did the past year in this blogpost. But, sometimes you do need things. I don’t think I can buy nothing for the rest of my life, and that wouldn’t be fun. But luckily, there is a solution! Thrifting. Buying things secondhand, so no new resources are needed. And that’s exactly what I did. Continue reading “I went thrift shopping! What did I buy?”

Lending things: The Book Library

Today I want to share something about lending with you. About lending books! If you’re a reader (like me) this is almost a must when it comes to trying to living sustainable. Lending is the new buying! And it should be, because it is has many benefits! Not only for the environment, but for yourself too. I have a card at the local library and I want to tell you why. Continue reading “Lending things: The Book Library”

Making my own business cards

I think you’ve noticed by now: I am an entrepreneur! Wow. That sounds so fancy. And it is! I have started my own webshop for package free groceries in Enschede: Loose, to do something about our big problem with waste. It has been fun, exiting and scary at the same time. Currently I am working on promoting Loose some more, because it’s necessary to get more customers. One of the things I now do: hand out business cards! I’ve made them myself and in this blogpost I’ll show you how.  Continue reading “Making my own business cards”

Leestip: Lekker koken met restjes

Voedselverspilling, een huge topic vind ik, als het gaat om dingen doen voor het milieu. Alhoewel ik dit lang niet de beste manier vind om iets te doen voor het milieu, hoor ik er zó veel over. En ik denk dat dat door één ding komt: het is makkelijk om te voorkomen. Mijn motto? Just eat it. Maar dat het niet het belangrijkste is, betekend trouwens niet dat het onbelangrijk is. Integendeel! Vandaar dat ik vandaag een boek met jullie wil delen over voedselverspilling. Over nou ja, eigenlijk, over hoe je het kan voorkomen! Vandaag een leestip: Lekker Koken met Restjes van Daisy Scholte.  Continue reading “Leestip: Lekker koken met restjes”

DIY Tandpasta

Het is tijd voor een verbetering. Een verbetering die nog minder afval veroorzaakt dan het eerdere alternatief. Want soms denk ik gewoon dat iets beter kan, nog beter. Ik stelde het telkens uit (waarom weet ik niet zo goed), maar ik ben overgestapt naar een nieuw product: zelfgemaakte tandpasta. Continue reading “DIY Tandpasta”