The most fun and sustainable hotspots in Texel

The holiday season has started in The Netherlands and since the amount of COVID-19 cases was heavily falling my family and I went on a holiday. We did stay within our own country, we went to Texel, one of the Dutch islands. That feels safe because of COVID-19 but going on a holiday nearby can also be quite sustainable. That’s why I am writing a full post about the island today. I want to show you that a sustainable holiday can be a lot of fun!

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The most sustainable and beautiful hotspots in Haarlem

It’s time for another hotspot! Over the past months in which I’ve decided to ditch the plane I’ve come to realize that holidays don’t have to be far away from home. Even better, I’ve come to realize that my own home country The Netherlands is beautiful! You just have to look. That’s why I am sharing a hotspot article about my new hometown today. Here’s a guide on the most sustainable and beautiful places I’ve come to find in Haarlem.

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The most fun and sustainable hotspots on Ameland

Maybe you’ve read this in my past weekly diary. I’ve gone on a holiday to Ameland for a week! I had loads of fun! Ameland really provided us with everything we wanted. Fun, good weather and good food. And so, I am sharing this hotspot with you today. This place is amazing, especially if you’re looking for a sustainable holiday destination!

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Hotspot: Het Lokaal in Amersfoort

Past Wednesday I visited a company for the course Good Food I follow at school. It was a very inspiring visit and I’m determined to do a lot more when it comes to eating a local diet. We got a presentation and a tour around the company. We visited: Het Lokaal in Amersfoort.

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Sustainable Hotspot: Madurodam

Today my holiday begins! Yes, again … The life of a student is good! But for now I wanted to look back to my previous holiday. In the big summer holiday I went to Madurodam! My grandpa had won tickets in the lottery, but he didn’t want to go himself. And so we (my boyfriend, brother, niece and I) got to go! I talked about it before in a weekly diary, but I promised a review. Today is the day! Because Madurodam is a great, sustainable hotspot.

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