Combating hunger around the world while playing a game: FreeRice

I guess you know all the charity commercials very well, just like me. The commercials where they show the awfully poor, sick and skinny children, who are about to die. These commercials always break my heart. I think almost everybody has something to give, but maybe that’s not always money. And so, what if you don’t have the means to donate? Well, there’s alternative I’d like to tell you about today: FreeRice. Continue reading “Combating hunger around the world while playing a game: FreeRice”

Nutrition app: Cronometer

The last few years my view on weight and body image has changed a lot. Where I used to focus on a quite random number on a scale and count how many calories I consumed, I am all about body positivity now. I am realizing more and more how important it is to love yourself and your body. So, it might seem weird that today I am sharing a nutrition app, since this usually means losing weight and counting calories. But no, this app is different. Today I want to tell you about Cronometer: an app for healthy nutrition. Continue reading “Nutrition app: Cronometer”

App Against Micro-plastics: Beat the Microbead

Today, for the first time ever, I want to share an app with you! This app can help you avoid plastics, very small plastics. So small that you usually can’t even see them. Micro-plastics. They pollute the environment. Micro-plastics end up in the oceans, in animals and also: in humans. It is a good thing to try to avoid micro-plastics as much as we can. The next app can help you with that: Beat The Microbead!

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App for buying and selling secondhand clothing: Vinted

I hope you’ve noticed: I avoid buying new stuff and clothes. That’s because buying secondhand is the most sustainable option. Whenever I need something I usually buy it secondhand (or I lend it). Besides that it’s sustainable because there’s no new production, it also saves a lot of waste. That’s because you’re basically buying someone else’s waste. Today I want to share an app which is great for buying and selling secondhand clothing: Vinted.

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Ecosia: The sustainable search engine

This is the very first blogpost for the theme ‘What you should know’ on my blog. This post is about a very simple sustainable switch, yet it is a beautiful one! When people see me using this search engine I always get a ton of fun questions my way. I am talking about: Ecosia, a sustainable search engine.

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