Book about sustainable choices: Green Living for Dummies

Inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle is always good if you’d ask me. I read a lot of books and from each book I learn something new. If you have to come up with all the solutions yourself every time you have a sustainability problem, life would be harder than it should be. That’s where books can help. Usually somebody else has thought of that problem already. And that’s why today I want to share with you: Green Living for Dummies by Liz Barciay.

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Book about a sustainable lifestyle: Let’s Go Green

There are a few books that tell you a lot about a sustainable lifestyle. I’ve already shared the one I think is most important, you can read more about that book here. Yet, today I want to share another book which is just alike it, just a little bit less concrete but very broad. A book that covers a lot of subjects and gives a ton of information: Let’s Go Green by Sustainable Susan.

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Book about longevity: Veroudering Vertragen (Dutch)

Yes, another book about longevity! I love books about longevity! And I also keep sharing them, because I really hope people around me will read them too. Not that I am perfect and others are not. It’s just that I see harmful behaviour around me and I think not everybody is aware of these mistakes. Longevity relates to happiness! And happiness is a part of an eco-positive lifestyle. And so today I am sharing a book about longevity: Veroudering Vertragen by Kris Verburgh. I am sorry for all the non-dutch people reading this post, this is unfortunately a Dutch book which wasn’t translated.

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Must read: Sleeping Naked is Green by Vanessa Farquharson

I personally love non-fiction books about living a sustainable lifestyle. I like to know the facts, the things that matter the most, the impact of my choices. But sometimes I like a different green book too, a personal one. It’s great to read about someone else’s choices, someone else’s struggles and their findings. And so today I am sharing a book about personal sustainable experiences: Sleeping Naked is Green by Vanessa Farquharson. Continue reading “Must read: Sleeping Naked is Green by Vanessa Farquharson”

Book about food and longevity: The Food Hourglass

I’m always a bit hesitant to share books about a certain topic: food. It’s a difficult subject and of course I am not an expert. But I do think I’m here to inform you about the books I’ve read and found really helpful for me, because it might be helpful for you too. Today I want to share a book with you that I’ve read about four years ago. It’s called: The Food Hourglass by Kris Verburgh. Continue reading “Book about food and longevity: The Food Hourglass”

Book about minimalism: The Joy of Less

Over the past weeks I’ve really noticed that minimalism is becoming my standard mindset. It’s become an integrated part of my life, sort of an automatic pilot for me. Over time I’ve already shared some book tips about minimalism, the book from the Minimalists, or this one from Jelle Derckx and even a more practical one from Marie Kondo. But today I’d like to add one to the list, since I think more books about minimalism are actually better (how ironic, right?). From each book I learn more about the mindset and lifestyle. Today I’d like to recommend to you: The Joy of Less by Francine Jay.

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Book about minimalism: Minimalism

Yes, the cover of this book tells you exactly what to expect. This book is about minimalism. The core of minimalism really. It’s quite a short book I’d say, which allignes exactly with their message: focus on the important things. This book is written by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, also known as the Minimalists. I’ve written a post before about them before, about their documentary and podcast. Back then I hadn’t read their book but now I did and I needed to share it with you. This book is amazing!

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Book about minimalism: Verlangen naar Minder

Quick disclaimer: this is a Dutch book, so if you don’t speak Dutch it is kind of a no-go. But, a lot of people out here are Dutch and the book I am about to share is so good I had to share it. Today I’m sharing another book about minimalism. It’s a subject I can read thousands of books about. Each minimalism story is different. The past week a friend asked for book recommendations and I recommended this book I am about to share with you to her. It made me realize that I hadn’t shared it here. So, today I am sharing the minimalism story of Jelle Derckx, he wrote a book called ‘Verlangen naar minder’.

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Boek over privacy: Je hebt wél iets te verbergen

(Quick disclaimer: this blogpost is in English because I like consistency on my blog, but this book I’m about to share is only written in Dutch. But I know, a big part of my readers are Dutch).

Lately I’ve been questioning my appearance on social media a lot. Since I intend to live a meaningful life, I ask myself: does this add value to my life? And to me it does. I simply love sharing everything about my eco-positive lifestyle. Besides that, I love reading tips from other too, most people I follow are an inspiration to me. Social media and the online world is so accessible for us, I did not question the reason it was created. The following book has taught me a lot about privacy and the online world: Je hebt wél iets te verbergen (translated: you do have something to hide). Continue reading “Boek over privacy: Je hebt wél iets te verbergen”

Talking Efficiency and Intention with two Must Read’s: Eat that Frog! and On Top

Maybe you’d think it is not my subject, but today I want to talk about efficiency. Efficiency, that sounds so profit-like, right? But I want to talk about efficiency in a different way, I want to talk efficiency as in accomplishing your goals and doing what you love. The following two books helped me a lot and they strengthen this story a lot too. Today I’m talking about efficiency with Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy and On top by Anna Nooshin. Continue reading “Talking Efficiency and Intention with two Must Read’s: Eat that Frog! and On Top”