Documentary about courage: Miss Americana

I guess I don’t have many idols. I mean, I have examples and people who inspire me, but almost never a superstar. I have never screamed over a popstar. I have never been that girl who had posters of a specific idol on the wall. Artists are just people to me, so I never really understood the whole fangirling thing. However, recently I have seen a documentary of an idol which I really appreciated and I want to share it with you: I’ve seen Miss Americana by Taylor Swift.

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Series about debt: Schuldig (Dutch)

Now that I am growing older I realize how important it is to see life from a different perspective. How different people have different problems, how different people see politics, how different people see life. I think this is important to keep connected and to live with compassion. When you live inside a bubble and never see things from a different perspective, it’s harder to have compassion for people don’t live inside of that bubble. This happens a lot when it comes to money. I see rich people looking down on people with less money or people who get money from the government. And so, today I want to share a series about living in debt. I am sharing the series: Schuldig (a series in Dutch).

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Series about diversity and taboos: Sex Education

This show isn’t exactly about diversity itself, more about subjects that are considered taboo. However, it’s not build to be informative. It has a narrative and in that way it is just like any other series on Netflix. But then again it isn’t alike others at all. This is a series that shows what a series is supposed to look like. The cast is so diverse and so are the characters. The story is diverse and the entire show is just amazing. I’m talking about Sex Education, a series on Netflix.

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Documentary about dieting: Hungry for Change

Growing up, I learned about dieting really soon. I think I tried my first diet around the time I was twelve. I remember it very well: it was the Sonja Bakker diet (a well-known Dutch diet). I hated every part of it. I was hungry all day and during exercising I felt dizzy and weak. I quit after a while because I didn’t think it was worth it. That same struggle is what the documentary I’m sharing today is about, dieting. It’s called: Hungry for Change.

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Tv-show about sustainable food: ‘Gefileerd’

Before you read any further, I must tell you something first. The show I am about to share is broadcasted on Dutch television, so it therefore is in Dutch. I like to have consistency in my blog, that’s why is blogpost is in English. So, if you’re not Dutch, you probably can’t understand the show. Or you can work on your Dutch haha. Anyway, ‘Gefileerd’ is a show I watched is about fast food ánd sustainable food. I feel like you should watch it too!

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Documentary about bottled water: Tapped

Water. I would guess that it’s the most urgent need for almost everyone on this planet. An average person can last just three days without water, which is not long if you ask me. Maybe it’s because of it’s importance, because there are many current problems concerning water. Scarcity, floods and pollution. And even within these categories, there are a number of different problems when it comes to water. Today I want to share with you a documentary that highlights a number of these problems: Tapped.

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What you need to know about GMO’s and 3 documentary must sees

There’s a subject I’ve been learning more about the past years, which is not really that relevant for me personally. It’s not really something I come in contact with, since it’s forbidden where I live, The Netherlands. However, I do like to learn about global challenges and problems. One opposed solution to the global food crisis are genetically modified organisms. Today I’d like to tell you my point of view about it. Continue reading “What you need to know about GMO’s and 3 documentary must sees”

Tv-show about the impact of your purchases: Bloed, Zweet en Luxeproblemen

Disclaimer: this show is in Dutch. So, if you don’t speak Dutch this might not be a very useful post for you (or you might want to learn the language haha).

World problems, for most of us western people they are surreal. We see the issues in the news and in newspapers all the time. Poverty, child labor, climate change, chemical pollution, you name it. Yet, this barely affects us. We have the best lives we can imagine. And so it’s hard to see different perspectives. And that’s where this show comes in today: shifting perspectives. That’s why I share with you today: Bloed, Zweet en Luxeproblemen. Continue reading “Tv-show about the impact of your purchases: Bloed, Zweet en Luxeproblemen”

Documentary about a plant-based diet: The Gamechangers

For me there are multiple reasons as to why I’m vegan. Animal rights, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, climate change, inefficiency, personal health and even more. So when someone asks why I’m vegan this is always difficult, there are so many reasons! I try to explain it briefly but when I say something as: ‘for my health’, people look at me as if I’m crazy. So, you’re saying animal foods are bad for our health? I tell them yes and from today on I can refer to a documentary about te subject as well: The Game Changers. Continue reading “Documentary about a plant-based diet: The Gamechangers”

Documentary series about Planet Earth: Our Planet

In contradiction to last week’s post, it’s time for something positive again. Well, maybe positive isn’t the right word, but beautiful is. It’s time for something beautiful. Because gosh, I’ve waited too long to share this documentary with you (don’t I say that every time?). This series came out on Netflix in April 2019. I’ve binge watched it as soon as it came out and I know a lot of people around me have too. I’m talking about the Netflix documentary series Our Planet. Continue reading “Documentary series about Planet Earth: Our Planet”