Documentary about positive impact: Life in the Doghouse

It’s holiday season and that means reading a lot of books and watching documentaries for me personally. I love both! Last week I shared a book so today it is time for a documentary I think you should see. This one is one that will make you smile from ear to ear, it’s mostly positive! It’s about a dream life I think, a life in which others are helped and I think that’s the most beautiful and meaningful life. I’ll tell you more about Life in the Doghouse.

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My favorite Youtube channels: Sofie Senden and The Messy Minimalist

Since I shared this week that I’ve started a Youtube channel of my own, I thought it’d be a  great moment to highlight other Youtube accounts. Unfortunately for you, but fortunately for my personal time, I only have two Youtube account which I’m addicted to. I’ve seen all their videos, so I can recommend these with intention! Here are my two favorite Youtube accounts. Continue reading “My favorite Youtube channels: Sofie Senden and The Messy Minimalist”

Film about sustainable farming: The Biggest Little Farm

A few weeks ago I told you that I had won tickets for a movie: The Biggest Little Farm. Before I went to see the film, I was already so excited to go and see this movie! Past Monday was the day, I saw the movie. I seriously loved it! This movies tells the story about my wildest dream, a family that builds a farm. Not just a regular farm as is most common today, but a farm that alines with nature. Continue reading “Film about sustainable farming: The Biggest Little Farm”

Must watch: Sustainable

It’s time for a new documentary. And this documentary is so beautiful to me, since it’s about something I’m really passionate about: food. More specifically: it’s about local food. Knowing where your food comes from, who has put so much effort into growing it and what’s the story behind the food. The following documentary has all that: Sustainable. Continue reading “Must watch: Sustainable”

Must Watch: SuperSize Me

Watching this documentary was not planned (I just have a list on my phone and I watch whichever I feel like watching), but the timing seemed to perfect in the end. This year, me and boyfriend did a bet. We bet not go to MacDonalds (or any other fast food company in The Netherlands, like KFC or Burger King) for a full year! So, this documentary was a great one to watch to keep me motivated: I’m talking about SuperSize Me. Continue reading “Must Watch: SuperSize Me”

Must watch: Revolution

There are always so many emotions going through me while I watch documentaries regarding climate change. Fear, anger, disgust, disappointment. But there is one thing that really kept going through my mind seeing Revolution: stupidity. This is pure stupidity! I always though of us humans as rather smart beings, but oh my, we are so stupid. We don’t realize what’s at stake, we are destroying ourselves. Continue reading “Must watch: Revolution”

Must Watch: Tidying up with Marie Kondo

It does not happen a lot: me watching a full season of a show in just one day. But it did. I watched the full season 1 Tidying up with Marie Kondo and I am so excited about it! This show has it all for me, because the underlying message has a lot to do with minimalism and zero waste. Today I’ll tell you why I think you must watch it.

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Tv Show about Sustainable Fashion: ‘Genaaid’

Before you read any further, I must tell you something first. The show I am about to share is broadcasted on Dutch television, so it therefore is in Dutch. I like to have consistency in my blog, that’s why is blogpost is in English. So, if you’re not Dutch, you probably can’t understand the show. Or you can work on your Dutch haha. Anyway, ‘Genaaid’ is a show I watched is about fast fashion ánd sustainable fashion. And I feel like you should watch it. Continue reading “Tv Show about Sustainable Fashion: ‘Genaaid’”

Must watch: The Kids Menu

Here I am again, with a documentary about food! Food (and living healthy with that) interests me in so many ways! Currently I’m even following a course in school regarding health. Food is a big part of health in my opinion, and it is so important we know how to eat healthy. And that starts at a young age I think, when you’re still a kid. That’s where this documentary comes in: The Kids Menu. Continue reading “Must watch: The Kids Menu”

Must watch: Gasland part I and II

It’s time for a new must watch! Two, actually, since the makers decided to make a part II. These documentary tells us things about something we all use, energy. Energy is something all of us need. The difference is in the way that energy is produced. Fossil fuels or renewable energy? The documentary Gasland tells you a lot about fossils fuels.  Continue reading “Must watch: Gasland part I and II”