Must see series about racism: When They See Us

As someone who is white, I find it hard to say something about racism. I don’t experience it, so who am I to speak up about it? However, shutting up is too easy for me. I have a part in it, everyone has. I hope my part is to educate, like I do on other subjects on this blog too. And so, I want to share all the knowledge I have about the subject on this blog. So that people who don’t experience or see racism, will eventually. Today I want to share a Netflix series with you: When They See Us.

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(Intersectional) Feminism

It’s time for a new subject upon my blog! Yes, you read that right. Feminism! Now, don’t be scared. Feminists aren’t men-haters or any other ugly thing that’s being said about them. Feminism is important for everyone, really. I’ve been reading more about it lately and it almost feels stupid that I have missed this subject all these years. I have so much to say! But today I want to start easy on you. What is (intersectional) feminism and why do we need it?

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