Room tour – part 2

It’s time for room tour part 2! Last week I shared part 1 of my room tour – the more minimalistic bedroom I have. You can read there why I have two bedrooms and so why this tour has two parts. Today I am sharing part 2, which is where I spend the most time. There are way more items in this room and I’d say it’s not minimalistic but more messy. But it’s reality! And to make this blog more personal, I am sharing this today. Non-edited, real. Lees “Room tour – part 2” verder

Room tour – part 1

Today I want to do a bedroom tour! As the title says, part 1. Now that might make it seem that my bedroom is so big that I need a whole series of blogposts just to show you my room. But no, I don’t have a gigantic bedroom (at least for western measures). I am even more spoiled. I have two! My parents have been divorced since I was young and so I sort of have 2 houses. That’s why today I’ll share just one bedroom: part 1.

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36 clothing items I got rid of

One of my long-term goals is to have a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is minimalist wardrobe. Every person has a different meaning for it, some want a certain number of items, some want to wear everything which is in there. Since I work towards a minimal wardrobe, I am critical every day and get rid of items. Today I want to show you the 36 items I got rid of in the past months.

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All my new purchases in 2019

Babette Porcelijn made a top 10 of the most polluting activities in her book The Hidden Impact. The number one thing is buying new stuff, it is the activity with the biggest negative impact. To reduce my negative impact and thrive towards an eco-positive lifestyle I try to buy no more new stuff. Even though buying nothing new for a year is something I haven’t achieved yet, I do try to minimize the new purchases as much as I can. Here’s everything I bought new in 2019. Lees “All my new purchases in 2019” verder

Book about minimalism: The Joy of Less

Over the past weeks I’ve really noticed that minimalism is becoming my standard mindset. It’s become an integrated part of my life, sort of an automatic pilot for me. Over time I’ve already shared some book tips about minimalism, the book from the Minimalists, or this one from Jelle Derckx and even a more practical one from Marie Kondo. But today I’d like to add one to the list, since I think more books about minimalism are actually better (how ironic, right?). From each book I learn more about the mindset and lifestyle. Today I’d like to recommend to you: The Joy of Less by Francine Jay.

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Book about minimalism: Verlangen naar Minder

Quick disclaimer: this is a Dutch book, so if you don’t speak Dutch it is kind of a no-go. But, a lot of people out here are Dutch and the book I am about to share is so good I had to share it. Today I’m sharing another book about minimalism. It’s a subject I can read thousands of books about. Each minimalism story is different. The past week a friend asked for book recommendations and I recommended this book I am about to share with you to her. It made me realize that I hadn’t shared it here. So, today I am sharing the minimalism story of Jelle Derckx, he wrote a book called ‘Verlangen naar minder’.

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Everything I’ve bought new in 2018

My first monday-post in 2019! Time to reflect a little. Not on personal goals, because I am not into that this year. But on sustainability goals! It’s about stuff, because buying new stuff in not sustainable and I’ve trying to avoid that the past year. But, how have I done? And have I bought many things new in all of 2018?

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Kijk- en luistertip: Minimalism

Als je mijn weekoverzichten een beetje volgt of me persoonlijk goed kent, dat weet je dat ik zo min mogelijk spullen probeer te bezitten. En als ik dan terugkijk naar zo’n 2 à 3 jaar geleden, dan is die mindset echt totaal anders. Toen was ik echt een hoarder, meer was beter. Vooral als spullen goedkoop waren, dan dacht ik snel dat ik ze nodig hadden. Ik herinner me zelfs een moment waarop ik in de HEMA liep en slechts 1 ding nodig had. Dat vond ik raar en ik haalde er nog twee dingen bij die ik niet nodig had, zo ver ging het. Zoals ik al zei, nu is dat anders. Ik zou mezelf wel als minimalist omschrijven, al ben ik nog lang niet waar ik wil zijn. De mindset is er wel! Er zijn twee personen die me deels de ogen hebben geopend, Joshua & Ryan, ofwel The Minimalists.

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Leestip: Marie Kondo

Deze week schijf ik over Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo is een opruimcelebrity. Niet gedacht dat dat bestond he? Ze runt een adviesbureau, waarmee ze mensen helpt hun huis (en leven) weer op orde te krijgen, en heeft twee boeken geschreven. Een vriendinnetje van me (die overigens ook blogt) heeft allebei de boeken en ik mocht ze van haar lenen (lief!). Ik heb ze intussen allebei uit en ik ben om.

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