The Urge to Buy Cheap Food

All things I do when trying to life a sustainable and ethical lifestyle feel good. When I’m in the train instead of the airplane I feel good. When I buy secondhand clothing instead fast fashion I feel good. When I get broken stuff repaired instead of buying something new I feel good. However, there is one things that always gives me this shock. For a split second it does not feel good. That happens when I buy food. There’s always this feeling I get in the checkout. Did I spend too much money? Not at all. But why do I have this urge to buy cheap food?

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My 5 Biggest Sustainability Challenges At This Moment | September 2021

As you all know, I moved to Amsterdam recently. It’s been three weeks now and I think I already learned a lot about this new situation to do an evaluation. I went from living with my boyfriend in a modern apartment (where I finally managed to live within the earth’s capacity for the first time!) to living in an old student flat with 13 others. It’s been a real adventure and I’ve been loving the student life again so far. However, this change also has some consequences for my sustainable lifestyle. I have already come across challenges for this new life. Today I want to share those with you. 

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Have I Lived Eco-Positive the Past Year? 2020/2021

The moment of truth has arrived! Again! It’s time to measure the impact I’ve made the past year. My goal is to live within the earth’s capacity. Meaning that if everybody lived like me, we’d need 1 earth or less (as we have). I started calculating this score for the first time 4 years ago. I started with a score of 2.5 earths (while I was already a vegetarian, so before I started measuring it must have been like 4 earths or something. I was a disaster for our planet). The second year I went down to 1.7 earths and last year I had a score of 1.1 earths. If I go down this year, I will finally come to 1 earth or less. I am very excited for it and curious to see how I’ve done. I really think I have improved. Let’s find out!

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Life Update: I’m Moving to Amsterdam!

It’s time for another big announcement, since my life will change quite a bit the coming weeks. Last year I wrote a big life update too, I was moving out of my parental house to go live with my boyfriend in Groningen. Today I’m reflecting a bit on this past year of living together and telling you about the next step. As the title says: I am moving again! This time I am moving to Amsterdam. Let me tell you all about it.

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Why The Hunger Games are a Reflection of Reality

Today I’m not writing anything practical or theoretical about sustainability or compassion. It’s more a philosophical thing I guess. A few months ago I re-watched one of my favorite trilogies; The Hunger Games Trilogy. I watched all films in two days, I just love them. The books are also my favorite, even though they’re fiction and I rarely read fiction. Anyway, the second time I watched this trilogy it got me thinking. That’s why I am writing about it today. My thoughts were: are The Hunger Games based on reality?

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My Sustainability Journey: from Details to Big Impact

I started this blog 5 years ago. That’s because I then started taking steps to make my lifestyle sustainable. Over these 5 years I have learned a lot. And so, my mindset and behavior has changed. I dare to say that I am a completely different human now than when I was at age 16/17. In a good way if you ask me! At first my sustainability behavior was very random but I’ve evolved. Today I want to discuss how I’ve gone from focussing on the details to focussing the big picture.

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Sustainable and Ethical Behavior is About Compassion

Over the years of living a sustainable lifestyle (or at least trying to) I think I have learned why I have never given up. I am still determined to live my best life. And for me, the best life is the most sustainable and ethical life. That’s the base. I think I am not giving up because I keep growing in this journey. And because of that there is one very important lesson which makes me continue: a sustainable and ethical lifestyle is about compassion. The core of this lifestyle is compassion and that’s why I would never quit alltogether.

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Why Staring at Your Phone in Public Transportation is a Good Thing

I usually love traveling by public transportation. I can do whatever I want, I don’t have to drive, have some time for myself and usually am not stuck in traffic. However, over the past few years I hear some people complaining about how public transportation is not personal anymore. Everybody stares at their own phone etc. I think this is a really positive thing in terms of intentions. Today I want to explain why. Here’s why I think staring at your phone in public transportation is a good thing.

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All the stuff I’ve bought new in 2020

Since 2017 I calculate every year in September whether I’ve lived within the earth’s capacity. One category of this equation is the new stuff I’ve bought. I discuss that bought briefly in those posts, looking at the period from September to September. But, every full year from Januari till Januari I also start the challenge of buying nothing. And then at the end of the year I evaluate. I did it in 2018 and 2019 already. Today I’m doing that again. Today I am sharing all the stuff I’ve bought new in 2020.

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My Positive Impact in 2020

The year is over! 2020 is past us, luckily. Time for 2021, in which I hope that the pandemic of COVID-19 will end. In September of 2020 I evaluated on my negative impact, had I lived within the earth’s capacity from September 2019 till September 2020? I was very close to the goal and I am sure I’ll make it this coming year. However, it made me think about the other side of the story. When I finally live within the earth’s capacity, I also want to maximize my positive impact. That’s essentially what an eco-positive lifestyle is about. And since I am very close to living within the earth’s capacity it is time to reflect. What positive impact have I made in 2020?

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