My Positive Impact in 2020

The year is over! 2020 is past us, luckily. Time for 2021, in which I hope that the pandemic of COVID-19 will end. In September of 2020 I evaluated on my negative impact, had I lived within the earth’s capacity from September 2019 till September 2020? I was very close to the goal and I am sure I’ll make it this coming year. However, it made me think about the other side of the story. When I finally live within the earth’s capacity, I also want to maximize my positive impact. That’s essentially what an eco-positive lifestyle is about. And since I am very close to living within the earth’s capacity it is time to reflect. What positive impact have I made in 2020?

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Donating organs, blood, plasma and stem cells

The past week a new donor law has been approved by the parliament in the Netherlands. Yes! I am very happy with it and celebrated it. The old donor law used to say that you are not an organ donor, unless you object and sign up otherwise. Right now it has been changed into: you are an organ donor, unless you object and sign up otherwise. We’re going to save so many lives because of this law! Donating organs is a well-known form of being a donor. But there are more ways to save a life. Today I’ll tell you which donating options there are.

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Must Read: Het Hedendaagse Heldenboek (Dutch)

With this blog I keep telling you over and over: individuals have a massive impact on our planet. And therefore, every single person can have positive impact, every single day. Up until this point the focus of this blog has been about sustainable changes to cross out the negative impact on the planet. But there are other ways to make positive impact. This book gives you the tools to do it: Het Hedendaagse Heldenboek (The Herobook of Today).

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Volunteering opportunity: NLdoet

The 11th of March it is national volunteering-day in The Netherlands. NLdoet is the Dutch organization which plays a big role in this day, they organize actions throughout all of The Netherlands. Painting jobs, planting flowers, spending time with the elderly, there are all kinds of things which you can do. This way, everyone can make The Netherlands a little better on the 11th of March. And I was one of those people!

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A new experience with volunteering: The Gouda Clean-up

As I’ve written before, I went to my second volunteering activity with Greenpeace on March 4th. On a lovely Saturday noon I went Gouda, because we were going to clean the streets (and the canals) together with The Party for the Animals, the local Greenpeace group of Rotterdam and anyone else who wanted to join. It was an inspiring day for me and I had loads of fun too!

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The 365-challenge: picking up trash every day

I hope that on this blog it’s become obvious that I try to live a (plastic) waste free life and hope to inspire others too. Changing my own habits makes me happy, but somehow it isn’t always enough. I try to clean up trash from others too, in a challenge I’m calling the 365-challenge! 

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