Tv Show about Sustainable Fashion: ‘Genaaid’

Before you read any further, I must tell you something first. The show I am about to share is broadcasted on Dutch television, so it therefore is in Dutch. I like to have consistency in my blog, that’s why is blogpost is in English. So, if you’re not Dutch, you probably can’t understand the show. Or you can work on your Dutch haha. Anyway, ‘Genaaid’ is a show I watched is about fast fashion ánd sustainable fashion. And I feel like you should watch it. Continue reading “Tv Show about Sustainable Fashion: ‘Genaaid’”

Another secondhand piece I bought: A swimsuit

Today I want to show you a ‘new’ secondhand piece I got my hands on. Since I think some people have a wrong view of secondhand clothing, I want to show every piece I buy myself, to give an image of secondhand clothing. Because, sometimes I hear the reasons why people like buying only new: they think secondhand clothing looks bad and old. I think I can proof that’s not true.

Continue reading “Another secondhand piece I bought: A swimsuit”

Must watch: series: Sweatshop

In my opinion, it isn’t fair that we don’t see the story behind every single thing we buy. Because, everything we buy has an impact. That impact can be low (which I prefer of course), and it can be extremely high. It can be horrific to see, but also beautiful. Today I want to talk about a product of which we don’t see the impact. It’s fast fashion. Because there is a way to see what’s behind your clothes most of the time, in a series called Sweatshop. Continue reading “Must watch: series: Sweatshop”

Some new secondhand clothing I found!

Once every while I go through my closet, to see if I still love every item that’s in there. And with love I actually mean love. Clothing should make me feel beautiful, great and sexy in my opinion. So I can rock each day with some new fresh energy! So, I took out some items that didn’t make me feel like that anymore and brought them to my favorite secondhand store. When I’m there, I always sneak through the clothes. And yes, I have found some great new items I’m in love with! Want to see them? Continue reading “Some new secondhand clothing I found!”

Kijktip: The True Cost

Afgelopen week kocht ik een nieuwe trui. Voor mij nieuw dan, want ik kocht het bij een tweedehands winkel. Eigenlijk heb ik altijd al een soort liefde gehad voor tweedehands kleding. Mijn moeder en ik gingen vaak naar kledingbeurzen voor tweedehands kleding. Het is even zoeken, maar als ik iets vind is het vaak uniek, niemand anders loopt ermee. Dat was voor mij een goede reden om die kleding te dragen, maar toen ik de documentaire ‘The True Cost’ keek kwamen daar nog zo’n 100 andere redenen bij. Continue reading “Kijktip: The True Cost”

United Wardrobe: dé site voor tweedehands kleding

Misschien is het je al opgevallen op mijn blog: ik hou niet zo van nieuwe spullen. Wanneer ik iets nodig heb, koop ik dit het liefst tweedehands. Ik denk dat dit namelijk ontzettend veel te maken heeft met zero waste. Door spullen te hergebruiken, creëer je uiteindelijk geen waste. Want de productie van nieuwe spullen kost grondstoffen en veroorzaakt ontzettend veel afval. Continue reading “United Wardrobe: dé site voor tweedehands kleding”