Ethical Reasons to Not Consume Meat

It feels stupid writing this post today, almost 5,5 years have past since I’ve switched to a vegetarian diet. Later on I also went vegan. I think it took me so long to write this post because it has become so logical for me to not eat animals. In the meantime I have written a lot of posts about veganism, why I don’t consume dairy for example. But, it’s time to go back to the basics because this order of things is crazy. It’s time to start where I started 5,5 years ago. Today I am sharing the ethical reasons why I don’t eat animals*.

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Why Zoos are Unethical

Over the years I’ve become more active in protesting. At first, when I had only gone to climate marches I felt like it was really peaceful. People around me understand why I protest and support me. Until I went to a protest at a zoo. Then people become mad and hateful. In the picture of this post you can see me protesting at one with a sign that says ‘stop animal entertainment’. Zoos are horrible places, I personally know this. However, most people don’t see how seriously messed up these places are. And that’s why I want to share why zoos are unethical in this post.

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The Best Vegan Products List – Meat Replacements

This has been on my mind for a while now. There are many vegan alternatives to animal products on the market. Vegan egg, vegan tuna, vegan steak. Amazing! The more the merrier I’d say. However, some vegan products are better than others. And so, I want to make an ultimate list of my personal favorites. So that whenever you want try a vegan alternative for a product, you can take a look at this list and then see what brand I personally like best. So that when you try a vegan product, you try the most delicious product there is! This is the first post in this series, about meat replacements. There are more things to cover, like candy, eggs, fish or dairy to name some examples. I will get into those products another time. Today I am going to start with the meat replacements of cow, pig and chicken.

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Why overpopulation is not a problem

It’s a dead end. A discussion killer. When I have discussions with people about sustainability I hear it all the time: ‘the are just too many of us on this planet’. It simplifies the problem we face and I think that’s unfair. We give up and say that overpopulation is the problem. The only solution therefore is to do nothing if you ask those people. And so, that argument makes us passive. Today I want to share with you that this argument is not true.

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How to go vegan

How do you switch to a vegan/plant-based diet? This is a question I get asked a lot in real life and when recently someone asked me I realized: I’ve never written anything about this. That’s a sin, because such a post would be so convenient to refer these people to. This way I provide a detailled overview. So today it is finally a here: a guide on how to go vegan*.

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Going vegan vs. stop traveling

Today I want to make a statement. Something that really goes for me and my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. In general, I’d say living an eco-positive lifestyle is not hard (maybe I can’t say that just yet, since I am not there yet, but I am doing it anyway). However, there are some aspects which I find way easier than others. And so today I want to state: going vegan is way easier than to stop traveling.

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Ethical reasons to not approve horse-riding

To start off: I am probably going to offend people with this post. Not that I am planning on it, but out of past experiences I can imagine it happening again. I’ve talked about veganism to people a lot over the past years and there’s one issue that I always get a lot of responses on. I have doubted to post this, but I still believe that different type of views should be shared and considered. Today I want to explain why I don’t approve horse riding or keeping a horse as a hobby. Continue reading “Ethical reasons to not approve horse-riding”

Vegan ‘Egg’ Salad Recipe

I’ve been living a vegan lifestyle for about 2.5 years now. It’s been wonderful and I can’t imagine myself ever changing my diet again. Since I’ve gone vegan there are a lot more vegan alternatives for non-vegan products than before. Everything has become even easier! However, this does not mean that there is a substitute for every non-vegan product yet. And so today I am sharing a recipe for a product that can’t be bought vegan in the supermarkets just yet: ‘Egg’ salad. Continue reading “Vegan ‘Egg’ Salad Recipe”

Ethical reasons why I don’t consume eggs

A few weeks ago, I published on here why I don’t consume dairy. No yoghurt, milk, cream or cheese, since all those things are made out of milk. Today I want to elaborate on another products I don’t consume as a vegan: eggs. Alike dairy, this is something most people don’t understand. People ask me a lot of questions about it too. What about free-range eggs or eggs from the chickens in my own yard? I don’t consume any eggs, and here’s why. Continue reading “Ethical reasons why I don’t consume eggs”

Ethical reasons to not consume milk

I’ve been vegan for about 2 years now. All this time I’ve shared a lot about practical veganism. In our society it is unfortunately uncommon to be vegan, so practical veganism is important. But what’s even more important to me, is why I live vegan. As for the ethical aspects, the health aspects and the environmental impacts, I’ve never really discussed them. So today I want to begin with that, each time a different category and product. Today I want to tell you all the ethical reasons why I don’t drink milk. Continue reading “Ethical reasons to not consume milk”