Vegan taste test: Brie and Shrimps

The past weeks I have tested two vegan products which are a little different from the things I normally buy. A while ago I went to visit de Vegabond in Amsterdam. A tiny vegan heaven. They serve vegan lunch and so you can sit in, but they also offer vegan products to buy. I didn’t have lunch but I did buy some of the products they sell to take home. I bought quite a lot and I want to share a part of my findings with you today. I tried vegan brie and shrimps!

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What you should know and can do about animal testing

This week I’m talking about a new subject concerning veganism. I’ve never talked about it before, but since I’m vegan now I really feel the need to. I first focussed on turning my diet vegan since that’s the most important at first. Today I want to talk about another part of veganism: animal testing. Don’t worry, I am not going to include horrible pictures, but I do want to inform you about these horrific tests.

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Trying vegan cheese

When it comes to food, I love trying new things! I find it exciting to try new dishes (but the struggle in favorite restaurants is always real, should I try something new or go for my favorite dish?). New things can also be a little scary, because they can turn out disgusting too. You just can’t tell. The past week I tried something new: grilled cheese sandwiches with vegan cheese.

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