News + what you can do about it, week 39-2020

It’s time for a new rubric on this blog! News. Mainstream news in The Netherlands is depressing. It has to be shocking, sensational and topical. Because of this news gets negative and people who only follow this news feel like the world around them is changing in a bad way. They lose trust in people and companies and they lose hope. Besides that, it makes people feel powerless. Yet, it has been scientifically proved that the world gets better every single day for humans. And so, I want to share a news-article every day and post them once a week. It will be a mix of positive and bad news, but mostly positive, to make sure that positive news has the upper-hand. And on top of that, I want to share along with that article a practical tip on what you can do today to change that news. This could be a lifestyle change, a petition to sign or a social media campaign to support, anything. To make you feel in power, because we are! This way you’ll know about the positive news, how to keep it that way, the negative news and how to change that!

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What can we learn from the new zoonotic disease COVID-19?

Just like everyone else, I can’t ignore it: the new corona virus. Most of the world is affected by the new virus and the consequences are massive. In times like these, the focus lies with decreasing the further spreading of the disease. Entire countries are in quarantine and it’s all you hear about on the news. Even though I understand that, I tried to look at the core of the problem the past days. How did this new virus arise and what is there to change so that this doesn’t happen again? Continue reading “What can we learn from the new zoonotic disease COVID-19?”

Deforestation – What is so bad about it?

Since September I’ve been studying the premaster Environment and Resource Management. There, we’re studying world problems. Here on this blog I’ve talked about concrete actions to live more sustainable and compassionate. Eco-positive living, that’s what I call it. Yet, I’ve come to realize that I haven’t gone into the biggest issues just yet. From now on I want to do that, discussing a world problem on this blog. Today I’ll start with one problem: deforestation. What is it and what is so bad about? Continue reading “Deforestation – What is so bad about it?”