Documentary: Before The Flood

Documentary: Before the Flood

A good documentary, including Leonardo Dicaprio, what else can we want? Nothing. And so I’m writing about it today. Before The Flood is a documentary about climate change. It was released in 2016. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you should. It is chocking, but extremely important.

Before The Flood

The documentary has a length of about 90 minutes and is really worthwhile watching. We are always scared of the future when it comes to climate change. However, this documentary shows you what is happing today. Climate change isn’t something for future generations, it’s happening right now. Yes, things get even worse in the future if we don’t act, but we can’t ignore the consequences we as a species already face today. You are privileged if you don’t notice climate change, just like I am. Climate change mostly affects those who are most vulnerable. Mostly poor people and woman. If you are privileged you probably cause most climate change, but you are least affected. It’s so unfair. Anyhow, the documentary talks about multiple aspects of climate change and that makes you realize how severe the situation is. Go, Leo!

Some of the Facts

Some of the facts in the documentary that really broke my heart (spoiler alert):

– In the past 30 years 50% of all the coral reefs in the oceans have disappeared already.
– 47% of all the land in the United States is used for growing food. 70% of area is used just for cattle (and the numbers worldwide are similar).
– Cows emit methane, a greenhouse gas 23x as strong as CO2.
– There are still extreme climate change deniers which want to create doubt. The mayer of Florida is an example, even though Florida is heavily affected by climate change (because sea levels are rising) .

Always Hope

These numbers are depressing (and random, I picked some I found most shocking), I know. But we have to see the seriousness of this matter to act. There is a lot at stake and we are the ones to change it. This motivates me to live as sustainable as possible. I hope it can motivate you too!

Have you seen the documentary Before the Flood?

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