Documentary: Cowspiracy

Documentary: Cowspiracy

Wow. Just wow. That was my response after watching the documentary Cowspiracy. I just sat there, flabbergasted. But then I took a look at my personal values and beliefs and decided things were going to change, for good. I watched Cowspiracy in January of 2016. Ik was then in the middle of an experiment. In January 2016 I ate vegetarian for one month to see if I could pull it off. That month I also did some research about animal products and watched Cowspiracy. One thing I knew for sure then: I wasn’t going to be a vegetarian for one month. I was doing it for life.

It Took Long

I waited too long, I should have shared this documentary earlier. Sorry! Because if there’s one documentary I can name so far that every human being should see, it’s Cowspiracy. Since a short while I’ve been following the course sustainable accommodation at school. When they asked if anyone followed a vegetarian diet, I raised my hand. I knew both of the teachers eat meat and so I asked them if they’d seen the documentary. They hadn’t. But, they did ask me to send them a link so that we could see it in class. Then I realized I hadn’t shared it on here either.

Changed my Life

Cowspiracy has changed my life along with other documentaries. After this one month of trying to eat vegetarian I continued and I have been eating vegetarian for almost two years now. I am even in the transition to veganism. I eat vegan during the day, but at dinner I eat whatever mom cooks for us. Maybe the documentary won’t have such an effect on you, but I doubt it. Eating meat can never be sustainable, it is destroying our planet. In the documentary they even say that you can’t call yourself an environmentalist if you eat meat. Wow. I hope you’ll watch the documentary and think about switching to a vegetarian diet too (unless you’ve tried it and it compromises your health or you’re somehow not able to follow a vegetarian diet).

‘Cowspiracy may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet’ – Louie Psihoyos, Oscar-Winning Director of “The Cove”


I think Cowspiracy is a documentary that is eye-opener for a lot of people like me. I already thought I lived sustainable because I took steps towards a zero waste lifestyle. This shows that the will to live sustainable is there, but I just didn’t know the impact of eating animal products. That’s where the documentary gets in. Cowspiracy tells the story of Kip Anderson. Anderson wants to live more sustainable and so he starts showing shorter, cycling more and recycling to name a few things. All the initiatives we think about when we want to live more sustainable. But when Anderson does research about sustainability he finds out the horrible truth. The things he does are just tiny, tiny things. Eating animal products is the biggest problem. This is explained in Cowspiracy. We should quit eating animal products if we want a sustainable future.

Go Vegan

It basically comes down to the fact that veganism is one of the best ways to fight climate change. Maybe even the best. Eating animal products causes a lot of methane emissions, water scarcity, hunger around the world, it takes most of the land we have for producing food and it is the biggest contributor to deforestation. Wow. Yes, there is that wow again. This might be a spoiler but I think it’s too important to keep from you.

Cowspiracy is a must watch for everyone, really.


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