Documentary: Crip Camp

Documentary: Crip Camp

Last week was the first time I wrote about a certain type of discrimination: ableism. I wrote that post to introduce the subject to you, because I feel that everybody should know what ableism is. From there on, we can learn more about it. That’s why I am sharing a documentary concerning ableism with you today. Today I am sharing more about the documentary Crip Camp.


I wrote more about ableism last week, but I’ll sum it up in this post once again. Ableism is discrimination on the basis of a mental or/and physical disability. This can be a disability in any form, which is why we use the term ableism. Ableism is one type of oppression, but we shouldn’t see it separate from other types of suppression. Intersectionality, which means that all types of oppression are related and we have to see them as a whole, is crucial here. People can be discriminated against in multiple ways. For having a disability, but maybe also for being queer or of color at the same time.

Crip Camp

More about the documentary Crip Camp. I’d say Crip Camp is a documentary which shows the history of the anti-ableism movement. It shows how many people have fought against ableism over time. The subtitle of Crip Camp is: a disability revolution. And that’s what it shows. Trough battle, the position of people with a disability has changed over time. The name Crip Camp comes from a camp, Camp Jened, that was organized to connect all sorts of people with all sorts of disabilities. From there on the anti-ableism movement has grown.

The documentary starts with a lot of footage from that camp. A little later, the documentary focuses more on the activism done by people with a disability. Judy Heumann then started the organization Disabled in Action, a political organization which fights for the rights of people with a disability. They protest and fight for legislation. It ultimately led to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 being passed. This act prohibits the discrimination of people with a disability. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. The attitude of society against people with a disability still needs to change. And I think this documentary helps. Crip Camp has won a lot of awards, including the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

Different Aspects

The documentary Crip Camp sheds lights on so many different issues regarding ableism. It shows the obvious things. For example, how people with a disability were put into horrible institutions and were segregated from the rest of society. But Crip Camp also shows the less obvious ableism. For example, how we do not see people with a disability as sexual beings, just like everybody else. And how people with a disability want to have privacy too, like everybody else. How public transportation is inaccessible for people with a disability. And the list goes on.

Must Watch

Crip Camp is a must watch. It’s an amazing documentary which shows the beauty of activism. How the world can actually change for the better as long as we keep fighting for it. Me personally, I also felt thankful. Thankful for our ancestors who have fought for a better world. It’s time to take over from them and continue the battle.

The Documentary Crip Camp can be seen on Netflix.

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