Documentary: Gasland (Part I and II)

It’s time for a new must watch! Two, actually, since the makers decided to make a part II. These documentary tells us things about something we all use, energy. Energy is something all of us need. The difference lies in hoe we produce that energy. Fossil fuels or renewable energy? The documentary Gasland (part I and II) tell you a lot about fossils fuels. 

We should not use fossil fuels

Look, I know most of you reading this already know that burning fossil fuels isn’t good and we should try everywhere we can to switch to renewable energy. Burning fossil fuels causes climate change, and climate change is a huge problem. If we want to do something about climate change, we should cut all the carbon emissions right now, there is no time to lose. I think you know that, whether you use renewable energy or not. But, this documentary isn’t about climate change alone, that’s just a small part. Gasland is about human rights.

Fossil fuels and human rights?

Yes, human rights. The right to live somewhere without getting sick from all the toxins, the right of clean water and clean air, the right to choose in which environment you live. Gasland shows you that when you burn fossil fuels, you threaten all these human rights. People are forced out of their houses because they don’t have clean water or air any longer, because the land near their houses is used for winning fossil fuels. This is a typical not-in-my-backyard topic, until it is right there, in your backyard.

‘The problem is that everywhere the gas drilling industry goes, a trail of water contamination, air pollution, health concerns and betrayal of American civic and community values follow.’ – Josh Fox

Shale gas and its impact

Gasland is about shale gas, a very popular fossil fuel in The United States of America, where the documentary is filmed. They’re on their way to becoming the largest energy supplier of the world, due to shale gas. Gasland shows you the process of fracking (how they win the shale gas) and what that does to the air, the water and the people living near the wells from which the gas in extracted. And I must tell you, it is horrific. A few examples: citizens can literally set their water supply on fire because it is contaminated by the gas, people are advised to move out of their house because they get sick (from nose bleeds to cancer) and the list goes on. It is mind-blowing.

Documentary: Gasland (Part I and II)

Denial by the companies

The companies that win the gas from the wells, deny that the problems are cause by the fracking. And since they have so much money, they can influence the politicians and even lawyers. People can’t do anything, not even sue the companies for completely ruining their lives. It is horrific to see.


Yes, I knew that burning fossils fuels is causing climate change. That for me, is enough reason to cut them (wherever in my power)! But, after seeing Gasland I and II, I am convinced that this is also a human rights issue, which makes the situation even more severe. Consequently, I urge you to see both the documentaries, they’ll open your eyes. And wherever you can, switch to renewable energy! Let’s not give a handful of people (the fossil fuel industry) so much power. And for me, this is not a thing that is only happening in the United States. It is happening everywhere, even though there might not a similar documentary from other countries. Here in the Netherlands, people are losing their houses because the government drills for gas in Groningen. This. must. stop. And we can stop it! Are you with me?

Have you seen the documentary Gasland (both part I and II)?

Yours sincerely,

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