Documentary: Life in the Doghouse

Documentary: Life in the Doghouse

It’s holiday season and that means reading a lot of books and watching a lot of documentaries for me personally. I love both! Last week I shared a book so today it is time for a documentary I think you should see. This one is one that will make you smile from ear to ear, it’s mostly positive! It’s about a dream life I think, a life in which others are helped and I think that’s the most beautiful and meaningful life. I’ll tell you more about the documentary Life in the Doghouse.

Personal dream

I love spending my days helping others. That’s why I’m vegan, that’s why I volunteer every now and then. I have even started a package free webshop so that I help others every single day. Okay, this sound like bragging. But what I am trying to say is that helping others is very important to me, it makes me happy. And I think every person could experience that, since I believe deep down we are all compassionate. I hope to persue a career in what I’ll study, environment and resource management. I hope I can do good with that.

But you might have noticed on this blog that I have more dreams. Making a living from my package free webshop, having a small farm and also: saving animals. I’ve mentioned Sofie Senden before. She does that already with her sanctuary. But today I want to share another story like hers. These people are out there!

Life in the Dog House

This story is about Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta. They’re a couple who have a dog house. Well, it used to be their house. But then, hurricane Katrina came by. During and after that disaster they started saving dogs. Some owners had died in the hurricane or fled and left their dog. Danny and Ron started taking them into their house to let them rehabilitate and put them up for adoption.

And after Katrina they just kept going. They visit assilums, catch street dogs, they help any dog. In America lots of dogs are killed in assilums because there are just too many. Today Danny and Ron have saved over 10,000 dogs and keep going. They take in dogs that need help, give them a loving and happy home and if they find a good family that wants to adopt they place the dog with them. They literally own a house full of dogs, it’s basically the happiest thing ever.

Documentaries can be hard to watch. This one has a hard side to it as well. But, if you want to feel good you should watch it. There are amazing people in this world and this documentary shows that. You can watch Life in the Dog House on Netflix.

Have you seen the documentary Life in the Doghouse?

Yours sincerely,

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