Documentary: Sustainable

Documentary: Sustainable

It’s time for a new documentary. And this documentary is so beautiful to me, since it’s about something I’m really passionate about: food. More specifically: it’s about local food. Knowing where your food comes from, who has put so much effort into growing it and what’s the story behind the food. The following documentary has all that: Sustainable.

Personal passion

Growing your own food has always seemed so incredible to me, it’s been a passion of mine for years now. The proces is just beautiful and the end result rewarding. It’s a form of self-suffiency and I love that! Keeping it simple, at the base of life. Food, we all need it. Knowing the effort you have put into this and where the food comes from. This subject also made me go vegan, because once you know what the food is on your plate and what’s the proces behind it, I think most people will be disgusted. You feed yourself every day, it’s so important. Without food we die.


But yet, we have grown apart from food. Nowadays when we buy something in a store we most of the time don’t even know where it came from, how it was grown and what was used for that, who has grown the food etc. We have come to see food as a sideshow, it’s not important anymore. The economy is important, making money is. We want food as cheap as we can get it, as fast as we can get it. People suffer from obesity and heart disease, we rely on mass production, chemicals are the norm, wages from farmers go down, thousands of animals die by the minute. All as a result of disconnection. We don’t have a relationship with real food anymore.

‘We’re not just saying: ‘How do we want to feed ourselves?’. We’re saying: ‘How can we make agriculture into the most efficient, profit-making system that we can?’. We’re asking the wrong question.’ – Mark Bittman


Now, I don’t say everybody has to become a farmer, or grow all of their food themselves. If you’re passionate about it (like me), sure, do it! But I get that not everybody is passionate about growing food. That’s okay, since there are enough people who are passionate about it. What I am saying is: go local and small. Know where your food is coming from and support local farmers. These people are in your community, so why support a multinational who does not care about food, the environment nor people? It’s better for the environment (because food doesn’t have to travel so far), small farmers usually care for their land and won’t use as much or no pesticides, it’s not about money, it’s better for the biodiversity if you grow multiple crops instead of one, it’s better for your community, ┬áhealthier and much more fun if you ask me.

The documentary Sustainable

This documentary really gives you the image of how things could be. The problems with the current mass food system are discussed (it’s all about money) and they show all the benefits of a different system. And they do that with an example. That example is a farmer named Marty Travis. It’s just amazing, so beautiful! The beauty of being a farmer and supporting a local farmer on the other hand. You get to see all the seasons on his farm and the importance of taking care of your land. The documentary really tells the story of what local food can do. I love that most of the food discussed is vegan, but they also grow animals on a small scale. I don’t think we should have animals for food at all, but you probably know that already (since I’m vegan). Besides that, it’s just a beautiful documentary.

This is just an amazing documentary about how it could be. For me it was a good wake-up call to buy more locally and eat more pure. I hope it could really inspire you too. It’s definitely a must watch!

Have you seen the documentary Sustainable?

Yours sincerely,

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