Documentary: The Kids Menu

Documentary: The Kids Menu

Here I am again, with a documentary about food! Food (and living healthy) interests me in so many ways! Currently I’m even following a course in school regarding health. Food is a big part of health in my opinion, and it is so important we know how to eat healthy. And that starts at a young age I think, when you’re still a kid. That’s where this documentary comes in: The Kids Menu.


Eating healthy is good, and everyone should do it most of the time. I think most people would agree to that. And most of us know which foods are good to eat every day and which are not that good to eat every day (even though there is a lot of discussion about certain food). But! For me there is so much more to food than just health. Most of us grow up not even knowing where our food comes from and how it is grown. That to me is weird, because food is the most basic thing we need in life.

If we don’t eat and drink, we die, simple. So, why do we pay so little attention to it? There are so many different kinds of food, and it’s important we know what impact our food has. We have healthy food, not so healthy food, food which is animal-friendly, food which is cruel to animals, food which comes from far, food which comes from near you, food needs a lot of water and food which doesn’t. And the list goes on. And because everybody eats, I think we should be more aware of what we eat.

The Kids Menu

That is where Joe Cross comes in, we know him from his first documentary ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ (which is not a great name since it’s fat-phobic). He has changed his life for the better and wants to do something about the health issues in the United States. He starts at the base, when people are still young and learning every day, children. The film addresses the kids’ diets, but also offers solutions! It addresses ways to change unhealthy into healthy habits of your children. Joe talks to kids, teachers, parents and experts. And what I find so beautiful about this movie is that they address the issue at school and learn about nutrition there too.

Learning about food in school

I’ve never really had a class in school, which showed me how to eat healthy, even though it is one of the most basic things in life. Your health is so important! So why teach how to do math’s, but not how to take care of yourself? I don’t want to spoil too much, but I’ll tell you a bit about the examples in the documentary. Kids get taught about nutrition in school, the school canteen is healthy, they learn where certain kinds of food come from (and so how to make choices that align with their values), how to grow their own food and more! The last one was so good to see. Getting the kids outside in nature, getting their hands dirty and learning things along the way. The basic classroom is so boring!


In these days, it is hard to eat healthy all the time. I’m not saying we should eat healthy all the time, but most of it! And I know it’s hard to eat healthy because of all the temptations too, because McDonalds advertisements are the norm in our daily life (TV, radio, where-ever) and it is so quickly available. But this documentary shows how you can protect yourself from this, and maybe even more important: how to protect your kids. I believe that if kids have a healthy base, at home and at school, we can really empower them to make healthy choices. The kid’s menu, that’s where it all starts!

Have you seen the documentary: The Kids Menu? Did you learn about nutrition in primary school?

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