Documentary: Vegucated

Documentary: Vegucated

My past week has evolved around one thing: eating vegan. Right now I’m in the transitioning period from vegetarian to vegan and so I’m learning a lot. I call myself a proud vegan already! A while ago I saw a documentary about this subject and the transitioning period and so today I want to share it. I’m talking about the documentary: Vegucated.

Vegan Bubble

It could be me and my vegan bubble, but I feel like things are changing. Meat is (and other animal products are too) destroying the planet and it feels like people are recognizing this. We talked about it in class at school, it’s more on the news and see more and more vegetarian and vegan commercials. I also meet more vegetarians and vegans. Maybe that’s because I’m vegan myself now. But I don’t know, it just feels like things are changing.


Vegucated is a documentary about people who are making the transition to a vegan diet. First you’re introduced to Marisa Miller Wolfson. Marisa is a a vegan who made the vegan switch years ago when she learned about the ugly side of animal products. Now, years later, she is helping three others to make that same switch. Namely Tesla Lobo, Brian Flegel and Ellen Mausner. All three ate meat, diary, eggs and all other animal products before this journey. They are guided towards a vegan diet by Marisa for six weeks.

In these six weeks you follow their journey. We see the practical side of veganism, like doing groceries and going out for dinner. But we also follow them in their journey while they learn about why they’re going vegan. The three watch documentaries, visit factory farms (as far as that is possible) and talk to other people about veganism. The documentary really mixes the practical and informational side of veganism. It is a great documentary with people you can possible identify with.

Tips When Going Vegan

Now that I’m a vegan myself I wrote 5 tips which might make the transition easier for you as well. I hear you think: Romee, you’ve gone vegan for one week and you’re claiming to be the expert here? Yes, that is true. But! I’ve been a vegetarian for almost two years and that transition and the tips that go along with it are similar.

Update 02-12-2020: In the meantime I’ve written an entire post called How to go vegan. Therefore I have kept this list of tips very, very brief because I have a more elaborated version in the post I just mentioned. I’d rather have you read the How to go vegan-post.

  1. Announce that you eat vegan to friends and family (when you’re visiting for dinner or something, not just out of the blue. Social Media can be useful for this, this is not too direct).
  2. Only talk about veganism on a substantial level when people ask about it themselves.
  3. Very practical: replace literally every item of animal products for a vegan alternative at first.
  4. Watch documentaries (like this one), listen to podcasts or read books (like this one). This constantly reminds you why you’re doing this.
  5. Connect with other vegans (online or in real life).

Good luck and you can ask me anything, anytime! Vegucated can be seen here. Have you seen the documentary Vegucated yet?

Yours sincerely,

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