Earth in Balance by Al Gore

Earth in Balance

Today I’m sharing a book by Al Gore as a must read! Earth in Balance, a book about climate change and global warming. The biggest challenge of our time and something most of my readers try to battle I suppose. Al Gore battles it too, just on a different level! Today I’ll tell you about Earth in Balance by Al Gore.

Al Gore

When I read this book, people kept telling me Al Gore is crazy (South Park made a destroying episode about him and it seems that that’s why most people telling me this thought so). But then again, aren’t all people who want to make society change called crazy at first? Al Gore won a nobel price, the nobel price of peace. And so, he’s a hero to me (don’t worry mom and dad, you are too!). Al Gore also ran for president of the United States in 2000. He lost the same way Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Most votes, but less electors. I think those two facts about him make it obvious he’s not crazy. But the last thing proves something else: he doesn’t quit!

What Al Gore Does

Gore travels through the United States to give lectures about climate change and global warming. He also made a documentary called: ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. That documentary was the third best documentary visited in the United States and won an oscar too. I’ve seen it and it is definitely something I recommend! Al Gore also wrote books. I haven’t read all of them (yet! who knows), but I have read one. Earth in Balance, the book I want to share today.

Earth in Balance

I want to talk more about Al Gore because I find him great, but more about the book now! It isn’t an easy book to read. It has 452 pages which isn’t nothing. But! I still wanted to mention it, because it’s worth the struggle. This isn’t a practical book, but it gives you insight in what the world looks like (in 2008, so the situation has gotten worse again). Gore tells you what’s wrong with the planet because of climate change and global warming in detail and that’s why I love this book.

Then Gore comes with a ‘Marshallplan for the earth’, as he calls it. For individuals not practical, but it gives you a good insight on what we need on a governmental level. This way I can check which parties I need to vote for and what we need to battle climate change and global warming. What I didn’t like was the obvious hate towards communism, but hey, I could forget that. Also, some things he said in the book weren’t exactly right. Yet, most things are. I think that kinds of criticism is important, facts should be corrected. But I think it shifts the focus from climate change and that should not happen. This issue is the biggest one of our time. And so, you should read the book!

P.S. Lend the book at your local library instead of buying it, that’s way more sustainable.

Have you read Earth in Balance by Al Gore?

Yours sincerely,

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