Eco-positive weekly diary #119: Bringing stuff to the thrift shop again

Eco-positive weekly diary #119

Hi there, welcome back into my personal weekly diary. In this weekly diary I try to show you what an eco-positive lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. What choices and habits make my life eco-positive or not? I hope you’ll get some inspiration from it, and you can always ask me anything! The past week I had another raclette diner, brought a lot of stuff to the thrift shop and school started again! Want to read along? Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #119.


Another day for a raclette diner! Since we hadn’t spend a day at my dad during Christmas, he invited my boyfriend and I for a raclette diner today. I decided to make a vegan potato salad again and everyone loved it! For the salad I needed some potatoes and apples for it since we were out of those. I bought discounted organic potatoes and so I saved some food! It’s the second best food choice you can make as I said before. The apples were local and organic.


Today I went out to bring some stuff to the thrift shop I didn’t need any longer. I forgot to make pictures, but you can see what I got rid of in my latest Youtube vlog. Also, I did buy some things at the thrift shop. I have a list in my phone for things I need. Whenever I visit a thrift shop I look for those things, this way I buy all things I need thrifted. I bought a little basket for my jewelry and a bag for my make-up. The old one looks quite bad, but I do plan on bringing it to the thrift shop, maybe they can sell it still. The old basket where I kept my jewelry is also going to the thrift shop. It was not handy since my hand did not fit in it.


I had to work from 7:30 till 12, but someone called in sick and so I worked till 17:00. After I had a vegan pizza my dad bought at Lidl a while back. I also had a party that night, from a good friend. Since not many other friends were coming I decided to gift a new gift instead of an experience (which is easier to gift with more people). I bought him a playboy which will be on my list of new stuff I bought this year. I pledged to do a year buying new but I failed the fourth day. That is a little awkward! Anyway, I packed it in reused gift wrapping paper which I once got and even the happy birthday card was reused by cutting it in half.


My plan was to work out this morning, but I was home quite late last night and so I decided to sleep until I had to work again. At night my dad and I went to the Twentsche Foodhal again. I love that place because it has 9 kitchens and one of them is 100% plant-based! I have tried many of dishes already and I love it. It’s called Foodbar Rauw. This time I decided to go with the ceasar (that’s how they spell it themselves) salad. I am trying to make healthy choices when I go out to dinner. I always go for soft drinks and junk food, but eating healthy when you’re eating out is not difficult, you just have the make choice. Unless I go to a vegan junk food place, I’ll try to make more healthier choices from now on.


Back to school after 2.5 weeks of holidays. I am ready to finish this premaster! It’s the last period and it’s only four weeks, so I’ll try to make the best of it.


I only have 3 days of lessons a week, so today I am free from school. I went to Amsterdam to return my borrowed dress from the LENA fashion library at Fashion For Good (one of their swap points). Back in November I borrowed a fancy dress for the holidays and my graduation. Now that all that is over it was time to return it. Borrowing clothes is a sustainable way to own clothing, because you share it with all the other members. I also trained with the handball team in Haarlem for the first time again after the holidays, I really enjoy working out with others, in stead of just going to the gym.


Time for something new as lunch, hummus with carrots! I try to eat as many veggies as I can during the day and by putting them literally everywhere, under, between and on top of food, it’s easy to eat more greens. After school I went to Harderwijk to my boyfriend. We ate a lovely vegan curry and friends of his came over to play some board games at night.

Eco-positive weekly diary #119

A few weeks ago I also signed up for Flight Free 2020. It’s a pledge you can sign, to do something about climate change (since flying emits a lot). To not feel alone in this battle (because you surely aren’t!), you can sign the pledge and unite. On the website you can also read stories from others and maybe get some inspiration. You don’t have to be perfect to sign up, you just have to have the intention to not fly. Nobody is perfect, but we can all try. Dutch people can sign up here, but the initiative is global so you can just search for it using Ecosia and sign up. 

I also decided to bring back the habit of mentioning my favorite song each week since I got a request and I personally really like it too, so here it is.

Drake – The Motto

Yours sincerely,

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