Eco-positive weekly diary #122: trying canned vegan tuna

Hi there, welcome back into my personal weekly diary! I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle and in this weekly diary I try to show you what that looks like on a daily basis. What choices and habits make my life eco-positive or not? The past week I received my low-waste make-up order, had vegan sushi and I tried vegan canned tuna. Here’s eco-positive weekly diary #122.


Today I posted something on Instagram about my opinion on horse-riding. As a vegan, I think the sport is unethical and so via Instagram I sometimes post my opinion about it. I’ve really noticed that this is the part of veganism people get angry about because I get a lot of negative responses from my posts. People saying I post bullshit, that does actually only happen when this subject comes up. I think there’s a reason people get so angry about it, maybe it’s their inner conflict too. Soon I’ll write a blogpost about because I also feel like I need to elaborate on the subject, a lot of people misunderstand my point of view. At night I had some drinks at the student association. I ended up at MacDonalds, after not going there for over a year and I ordered some fries and ketchup. I don’t feel bad about supporting this company for once, it sometimes happens.


I had a presentation at school today. They asked if one person from our class wanted to practice in front of class as a preparation for the final presentation next week. I signed up because I can always use the feedback. And it went very well today! Afterwards I went back to Enschede had some vegan organic lentil soup from Lidl and some homemade vegan garlic butter. I also got a package with low-waste make-up which I ordered. Some time ago I ordered a refill for my powder, which came in aluminum and cardboard. I also ordered another mascara, because I wasn’t happy with the last type of zero waste mascara I ordered. The one I got today is packaged in plastic, but the least I could find. Both are from Zao and I ordered it at Nienies webshop. They shipped it in a package with plastic, which really bothered me. Next time I’ll contact them to see if they can send the package plastic-free.


Before I went to work today I went to the gym again. Once at work they asked if I could work longer and so I worked all day at my part-time job.


I went to the gym again and it feels so good! Today I did a boxing class today which I would really recommend (at Basic Fit), it is very energizing. I did some chores at home and at night I had the very last order for my webshop Loose. A while ago I announced that I am quitting and handing over the concept to another business so that I can focus on my education. Today was the last order. Afterwards I went out to eat sushi at Ginza in Enschede with friends. Sushi is my favorite food and they have a lot of vegan options at Ginza. It was great to see my friends again!


Today I walked our dog Darco again, but today I didn’t pick trash meanwhile. Normally I try to, but today I did not feel like it and that’s okay. I also went to the library after ages. Just the smell made me happy when I walked in. I love the library, I love books. Since June 2019 I have only been reading Naomi Klein (a book which I did not finish because it was too heavy for me) and readings for University. I had been busy but now that school is almost over I have time to read books again! Today I got a book about financial independence. I also bought a gift for my handball trainer in Haarlem. Tomorrow is the last training and I wanted to thank him because I was so welcome there. I did not buy any new stuff, but I bought a local set of beers for him. Giving drinks or food is most of the time the more sustainable option, if you choose it over new stuff. Once back home I tried some canned vegan tuna, which was awful. I had bought it a while ago in Amsterdam because I was curious. It was gross and I do not recommend it. In the end I managed to get it okay with vegan mayonnaise, herbs and silver onions so I did eat it because I did not want to waste it.


It is the last week of school this week, I have a presentation on Thursday. So today I travelled to Haarlem for the last time. I feel quite bummed because I love going to school and so the next 6 months I won’t go to school but I’ll work. Yet, I have a lot of nice things planned the coming 6 months and so it will be great. At night I had my last handball training in Haarlem and said goodbye. It was quite weird to close this chapter already, but it has been fun!

eco-positive weekly diary #122


Today I am going to cook for us in Haarlem. My boyfriend came over and I made a vegan couscous from WakkerDier (a Dutch organization for animal rights).

Yours sincerely,

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